Abdos- Desiccator Plain

by Abdos
Rs. 982.00

Make: Abdos

Material: PP / PP

Description: Desiccators are enclosures containing desiccants for preserving moisture sensitive products. These desiccators are molded in high-quality
plastics which is light and easy to handle. Silicone O-ring assures tight seal down to 0°C without using grease. Plain Desiccator Bottom part of the desiccators comes with thick perforated polypropylene disc with big holes in the middle for easy lifting.
Use with disposable or reusable desiccant.  The bottom part of the desiccators is white in color.

Ordering Information:

Code Plate Diameter
Inside Diameter
Flange Outer
Diameter (mm)
Height (mm)
E11601 150 145 170 210
E11602 200 195 230 270
E11603 250 240 275 330
E11604 300 297 338 410

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