Abdos Plain Desiccators Units

by Abdos
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Abdos Plain Desiccators Units are enclosures containing desiccants for preserving moisture-sensitive products. These desiccators are molded in high-quality plastics which is light and easy to handle.

Desiccators are sealable units consist of desiccants used for protecting moisture-sensitive items such as cobalt chloride paper for another usage. Common usage for desiccators is to shield chemicals which are hygroscopic or which are sensitive to water from humidity.

The contents of desiccators are exposed to moisture whenever the desiccators are opened up. It likewise calls for a long time to accomplish reduced moisture. For this reason, they are not ideal for saving chemicals which react rapidly or violently with atmospheric moisture such as the alkali steels; a glove box or Schlenk-type apparatus might be preferable for these functions. Abdos Plain Desiccators Units are occasionally utilized to eliminate traces of water from an almost-dry sample. Where a desiccator alone is unsuitable, the example may be dried out at raised temperatures making use of Abderhalden's drying pistol.

Salient Features of Abdos Plain Desiccators Units:

  • Silicone O-ring assures tight seal down to 0°C without using grease.
  • The bottom part of the desiccators comes with thick perforated polypropylene disc with big holes in the middle for easy lifting.
  • Use with disposable or reusable desiccant.
  • The bottom part of the desiccators is white in color.
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Color: Transparent & White
  • Quality Control: Testing of various characters in accordance with the valid Specification
  • Made up of Highly Pure Virgin Polypropylene.
Specification of Abdos Plain Desiccators Units    
Code Product Material Plate Diameter
Inside Diamter
Flange Outer
Diameter (mm)
Height (mm)
No. per
E11601 Plain Desiccator PP / PP 150 145 170 210 1
E11602 Plain Desiccator PP / PP 200 195 230 270 1
E11603 Plain Desiccator PP / PP 250 240 275 330 1
E11604 Plain Desiccator PP / PP 300 297 338 410 1


Spare Accessories of Abdos Plain Desiccators Units:
E11621 – Silicone ring for 150mm Desiccator
E11622 – Silicone ring for 200mm Desiccator
E11623– Silicone ring for 250mm Desiccator
E11624– Silicone ring for 300mm Desiccator

About manufacturer of Abdos Plain Desiccators Units

Abdos Labtech Private Limited is a supplier of excellent quality lab products like Abdos Plain Desiccators Units. Developed in 2009, our state-of-art production center is located at Roorkee, Uttarakhand concerning 4 hours from the Indian funding, New Delhi. They have been prototyping, creating, establishing and also making excellent quality plastic products utilized in the life science lab all over the world. In addition to plastics, they rule the market with a big variety of benchtop instruments and items promising security & safety for use in the laboratory.

Abdos is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485:2016 licensed business, as well as CE, marked. Abdos Plain Desiccators Units is one among top products from the fine lab products manufacturer from India that has IVD accreditation on specific items and also is likewise represented by Obelis as its EC REPRESENTATIVE in Europe. They comply with extreme quality assurance measures, audits as well as regular reviews to guarantee their plant, warehouse, and maintenance systems run efficiently as well as effectively leaving no compromise on the top quality offered to the end individual.

Abdos produce industry-leading products like Abdos Plain Desiccators Units via their reliable equipment, accurate molds, virgin clinical-grade resin, automatic systems and also tidy area. This year Abdos has introduced our much-awaited filter pointers and also reduced retention pointers to raise the pipette tips product category, introduced among the globe's ideal bottle leading dispensers, raised our range in the containers and carboys group and also a lot more. The group has various other organization interests in laminated tubes, agreement production, woven sacks, circulation, and FMCG. The team's long- term partnerships include international firms like Unilever as well as TATA.

Abdos's continuous endeavor is to cover large facets of end individual's needs by introducing products like Abdos Plain Desiccators Units to make your complex processes easy. As constantly they are regularly examining new products remembering brand-new areas of development and also research study in the field of life science. Abdos Labtech belongs to the Abdos Group developed in the year 1967.

Abdos Plain Desiccators Units

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