Beaker PP By BR Biochem Life Sciences

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Beaker PP By BRBLS

Catalog No: RS03LI0002

Beaker PP By BRBLS Description:

Beakers, molded in Polypropylene, have excellent clarity and very good chemical resistance. These autoclavable Beakers have prominently raised graduations on the outer surface. Pouring a solution becomes very convenient because of its tapered spout. These beakers can be used for a variety of purposes in the laboratory. The beakers PP is available in different sizes. 

Beaker PP By BRBLS Manufacturer BR Biochem Life Sciences Details: 

Founded in the year 2004, BR Biochem Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd is a renowned laboratory manufacturer and supplier of laboratory plasticware, kits, reagents, other scientific equipment, and offers various services such as gene synthesis, peptide synthesis, primer synthesis, and so on. The product range offered by BRBLS Spectrophotometer, Gel Doc, centrifuges, Water Bath, Electrophoresis Units, and other instruments, and other products including Laboratory Plastic wares, Cell Culture Plastic wares, beakers PP, Amino Acid & Protein Cross-linking Products, Micropipettes, Ladders & Markers Molecules Biology Products, Bio Chemicals, Antisera for Plant Viruses,  DNA / RNA & Protein Isolation Kits, etc. Apart from these, they also offer custom services including DNA Sequencing, Gene Synthesis, Custom Peptide Synthesis Modification, Oligos Synthesis, Standard Oligos, Long Oligos S-Oligos, Oligo Purification Modification, and more.

BRBLS is one of the leading Import Houses and Service Providers for Bio-Tech Research Products with a network of distributors more than 200 in numbers and a vibrant organization with staff spread across all over India. BR Biochem is certified by the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC), and CE Certificate. Their mission is to accelerate industry growth and innovation by highlighting India's achievements and capability in biotechnology to a global audience and to create brighter lives through the biotech platform for people today and generations to come. BRBLS's number one priority is perfect product quality, and thus they are recognized and recommended for their quality on a global level as a result and to its honor. BR Biochem Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd has successfully handled the service demands as regional distributors of reputed manufacturers and market brands with a well-spread branch office network all over India.

As a consumer, you deserve outstanding service, beginning with the ideal packaging for your application via swift and trustworthy distribution. They ensure to do their best in delivering you with the highest levels of logistical support, considering your specific demands and all environmental concerns. They ensure that their customers receive Swift Service Response, Timely Delivery, Frequent Information Updates, and sufficient Pre or Post-sale Technical Support. You can call their team at BR Biochem Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. to see precisely how they can help you in satisfying your goals. Their expert team would enjoy providing extensive information on any particular item or unique solution to your queries and issues. The company's commitment is to achieve healthy growth & market reputation, promote quality norms for the biotechnology industry in India, and to offer timely service & distribute the highest quality goods available in the market.

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