Biological Safety Cabinet by Thermo Fisher

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This is a 1300 Series A2 Biological Safety Cabinet. Includes BSC package features everything required to start this Biological Safety Cabinet. Some of its features include manually adjustable height stand, factory-installed UV light and one set of armrests. This Biological Safety Cabinet can be purchased online at Biotecnika Website India's most trusted dealers in lab instrument.

How does a Biological Safety Cabinet Works? Here's an interesting video

This Biological Safety Cabinet is of the A2 series which is considered as one of the best in the market, due to its latest entry in the market. The  details of the biological safety cabinet and some of the unique features are listed below:

Depth (Metric) Exterior 800
Chamber Material Smart coat
Display 7 segment display
Sash Opening (Metric) 250mm
Certifications/Compliance NSF ANSI 49
Filter Type, Filter Efficiency 0.99995
Electrical Requirements 230V
Lighting Fluorescent
Refrigerated No
Ports 1x each side
Outlets 2x duplex
Net Weight (Metric) 200 Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) Exterior 800 x 1300 x 1536

Features of the Biological Safety Cabinet

What are the uses of a Biological Safety Cabinet?

  1. Biotecnika has already pointed out the importance of safety in a laboratory setting in the article on the biotecnika website. This instrument plays a pivotal role in maintaining the safety conditions in your laboratory without which it's impossible to carry out an experiment.
  2. Biological Safety cabinets contain HEPA (High-efficiency Particulate) Filters which maintains the sterility of the experiments carried out inside this instrument. This product is designed by Thermo Fischer considering various factors such as
  3. User Protection: The user is protected from the harmful panicles used during an experiment
  4. Environment Protection: This Biological Safety cabinet provides a two-level of protection.

Firstly, the HEPA filters trap 99.99% of the microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses making the internal environment to be safe for lab work.

Secondly, this Biological Safety Cabinet comes with an inbuilt exhaust facility which enables the user to carry out experiments which involve hazardous gas fumes which can be eventually eliminated out using this facility!

  1. Product Protection: The internal environment is maintained sterile hence the product used for an experiment is safe.
  2. Cross Contamination: Sample contamination is prevented which is a very important aspect of an experiment.
  3. It is also majorly used for the elimination of toxic gas fumes, harmful aerosol material, etc.
  4. Experiments related to Microbiology such as inoculation of spores, Dilution, etc. can be easily carried out with the help of this Biological Safety Cabinet.
  5. Since this product comes with an inbuilt UV source, you don't need to carry out a separate sterilization process. Just follow the regular safety norms mention in the guide book and you are good to proceed with your experiment. Previously sterilized instruments with the help of an autoclave can be used directly inside the cabinet under sterile conditions.
  6. Since this Biological Safety cabinet is of A2 series, moderate risk associated experiments can only be carried out. These may include agents which are normally associated in the environment and human flora.

Installation tips of Biological Safety cabinet by Thermo Fisher:

Please go through extensively the user manual provided by Thermo Fischer Scientific in order to understand the installation process of this product. If you still have any issues regarding the same please contact the Customer support team of Thermo Fischer Scientific.

Caution: Working with highly dangerous agents is not recommended inside this Biological Safety Cabinet. You are requested to buy the A4 series available in the Biotecnika Prime website, the link for which is provided below:

Please enter your pin code here to get an estimated time of delivery of your Biological Safety Cabinet:

About Thermo Fischer Scientific:

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