CHAI Sahara Multiplex qPCR Master Mix

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Make: CHAI

Catalog No: R02210S


Sahara Multiplex qPCR Master Mix is a 2X mix for probe-based Real-Time PCR. It quantitatively amplifies singleplex and multiplex (up to 4-plex) qPCR targets at high efficiency from purified samples and crude extracts.


  • Multiplex up to four Real-Time PCR reactions with no effect on Cq’s
  • Extreme thermal stability: withstands three months at 25 °C with no impact on efficiency
  • Overcomes inhibition in crude extracts and environmental samples
  • Universal mix runs fast protocols, amplifies GC-rich targets, and incorporates aptamer-based hot start and dUTP carry-over prevention systems



Concentration 2X
Hot Start Mechanism Aptamer
GC Content 40 – 70%
Multiplex Targets Up to 4
Reaction Speed Fast
dUTP Carryover Prevention Yes
Visible Loading Dye Yes
Exonuclease Activity 5' → 3'
Supported Probes TaqMan/Hydrolysis, Molecular Beacon, Scorpions
Supported Templates Genomic DNA, cDNA, Plasmid DNA
Recommended Reaction Volume 10 – 50 µL

 user must add UNG to enable

Shipping, Storage, and Stability:

High Temperature Stability 8 days @ 50 °C, 3 months @ 25 °C
Freeze/Thaw Cycles Up to 20
Shipping Conditions Ambient
Storage Conditions -20 °C, or 4 °C for 6 months. Protect from light

Compatible Instruments:

The mix ships with an optional ROX reference dye, allowing it to be used with high, low, and no-ROX qPCR instruments. 


Exceptional Linearity & Dynamic Range

Fast & Effective Hot Start

Download Product Manual

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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