Doctor Centrifuge iFuge D06 by Neuation

Rs. 40,000.00

What is a Doctor Centrifuge?

A Doctor Centrifuge is an integral part of a Laboratory especially when one is performing research on subjects such as Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics, etc. A doctor centrifuge generally works on the principle of centrifugal force which is a perpendicular force, thus helping in the separation of various particles from a heterogeneous mixture. Some lab centrifuges are also known as the Refrigerated Lab Centrifuge gives an added benefit of cooling the sample while the centrifugation is taking place. This help in the protection of the sample like proteins, DNA, RNA, etc. This Doctor Centrifuge comes with smart airflow design cool technology, which helps you in keeping the chamber temperature in control keeping your samples safe while in high centrifugation speed.

Want to know more about how to use a centrifuge? Watch this video.

Salient features of Doctor Centrifuge by Neuation:

  • This Doctor Centrifuge by Neuation has Compact design with low loading height for easy usage in a laboratory setting.
  • With Several Rotor choices, Doctor Centrifuge by Neuation can accommodate a large - variety of samples sizes that makes it extremely useful and convenient to use.
Microprocessor Controlled Centrifuge with large digital display 
  • Class-leading features like the favorite model setting allow the users to set up to 99 user-defined programs for unmatched ease and convenience of use. Therefore, you shouldn't be specified to a specific sample. You can spin a variety of samples including blood, enzymes, other body fluids, etc.
  • This Doctor Centrifuge by Neuation features a unique 6 tube rotor design, therefore, you can run the centrifuge at various speeds
  • Timer settings from 0.5 to 30 minutes make this clinical centrifuge unique to use in clinical research. There is an added mode in this Doctor Centrifuge called the infinite mode
  • This Doctor Centrifuge has a high sample loading technology ranging from 6/8 X 10/15 making it a very unique centrifuge.
Accommodates most common collection tubes - comes with adaptors for 5 ml, 7 ml & 
1.5 / 2 ml tubes
  • The Doctor Centrifuge by Neuation also features a brushless DC motor, hence it gives you the peace of mind for a lifetime for the reason that it guarantees you maintenance free for lifetime. Therefore, you end up saving more time and money.

Brushless DC motor for maintenance-free long life
  • Smart Airflow design- gives this doctor centrifuge variety and sustainability.
  • Variable Speed Selection from 500 - 4000 RPM gives you a variety of spinning speed hence you can spin a variety of samples in this Doctor Centrifuge.
  • Digital Display with speed and time setting makes it convenient to use and to input data in this Doctor Centrifuge by Neuation.
Digital display for ease of reading the parameters in this Doctor Centrifuge
  • Centrifuge comes with imbalance detection hence this machine will tell you to adjust your samples accordingly if it's not balanced properly which makes it best in a class clinical centrifuge.
Automatic imbalance detection for safe operation
  • Do you have less space in your research laboratories? Don't worry because this Doctor Centrifuge by Neuation comes with the feature of Less Footprint- It will take minimum space in your lab.

Some more specifications of the Doctor Centrifuge iFuge D06:

Specifications i Fuge D06
Fixed Angle Rotor (Optional Rotors) 6x15 ml(Autoclavable) - 3684g
8x15 ml( Autoclavable - 3873g
Max RPM 6500
Motor Type Brushless DC
Speed Setting 500 to 6500 RPM
Timer Setting 1 to 30 mins & infinite mode
Lid Lock Safety Yes
Noise Level < 60 dB
Imbalance Detection Yes
Dimensions (W x D x H) 260 x 244 x 205 mm
Weight 4 kg
Adaptors (included in standard pack) Chosen rotor with (adaptors for 5, 7 ml & 1.5/2 ml tubes -takes most standard blood collection tubes)


To know more you can download the brochure here

To know more about how to use the Doctor Centrifuge by Neuation please go through the Brochure

Order Information of the Doctor Centrifuge iFuge D06 by Neuation

Product Name Cat # Details
iFuge D06 D06-2111 EU/US/UK/AU
Doctor Centrifuge 6500 RPM / 3684 x g for 6 (autoclavable) x 15 ml
iFuge D06 D06-3111 EU/US/UK/AU
Doctor Centrifuge 6500 RPM / 3873 x g for 8 (autoclavable) x 15 ml
Part Name Cat # Details
6 Tube SS Rotor set D06-6A
Autoclavable 6 Tube Rotor set
8 Tube SS Rotor set D06-8A
Autoclavable 8 Tube Rotor set
Reduction Adaptors D06-RA
Reduction Adaptor (1 unit) x Quantity
Allen Key D06-C
Allen Key for Rotor change
Power Adaptor D06-F-EU/UK/US/AU
Power Adaptor with specific pin type
Power Cable C-EU/UK/US/AU
Only Power cable with specific Pin type
Rotor Nut D06-RN
Rotor Nut for rotor fixing
Tube Holder SS D06-SSH
SS Tube holder (1 unit) x Quantity


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