Elanpro EIL 65 Glass top Deep freezer

by Elanpro
Rs. 66,949.00

Elanpro EIL-65 Deep Freezer, glass top deep freezer with top open type design of 600 L capacity gives cost-effective freezing and storage with an easy display.

Laboratory Freezers are used to provide indispensable storage space for everything from delicate tissue samples to bulk reagents. The lab freezers can be of different types, either in chest format or upright. They are typically equipped with adjustable shelves designed to accommodate multiple types of sample containers. Glass Top Deep Freezer offers cost-effective freezing, storage, and display options, all at the same time. Aesthetically crafted, they turn a regular display screen into a striking one. They are perfect for both small stores and modern departmental shops, as well as for use in parlors, eateries and also for laboratory purposes. The sides can be custom-branded to suit any specific product or firm. Freezers are the solution to secure cold storage. Our selection of lab freezers provides safe storage for all your critical samples. There are many types of freezers used for a variety of applications.

Deep freezers like the Elanpro EIL-65 Deep Freezer are the testing equipment, and they are used in the preservation and storage of food products, blood samples, medicines, medical equipment, and injections, etc. for a long period of time. Deep Freezers are used in industries and for household purposes also. In addition, it is also used in restaurants and supermarkets for the preservation of raw food for longer durations. There are many variants of deep freezers like the freezer drier, blood bank refrigerators, deep freezer vertical, ultra-low deep freezer, and much more. All these freezers can be got in different sizes and shapes; sometimes, it is designed with compact designs and sometimes with conventional models. The specifications and functions of the instruments vary as per the requirements of the test application.

How do the Deep Freezers work?

Mechanical or single compressor-based freezers can easily reach the temperature range -40 degrees Celsius or -50 degrees Celsius. To bring the temperature below the mentioned limit, the freezer is equipped with two compressors. To utilize the efficiency of the compressors and to extend the life of the compressors, the small compressors automatically get turn off whenever the set temperature is reached, whereas the big compressor should remain On continuously to maintain the consistency in temperature.

Elanpro EIL-65 Deep Freezer Specifications :

Capacity 660l
Type Top Open, Island Freezer.
Model of Elanpro Deep Freezer EIL 65
Power source Electric
External Dim.- (Inches) (W x D x H): 67 x 36 x 35
Baskets / Shelves Qty. 4 x 3
No. of Door/Type 2/Glass
Temperature Range-°C 12°C ~ -23°C


Why buy EIL 65 Deep Freezer from Elanpro?

Elanpro gives you a choice of premium display freezer models that gives you access to stunning looks and superior performance, as well. Overall, it is a smart choice for smart retailers! Elanpro is the most respected company in refrigeration and food equipment company in India. Elanpro is an organization that focuses on commercial refrigeration. In a short period, we have established a network of over 560 channel partners for Sales and Service. The most critical names trust us in the Hospitality, Retail, and Pharmaceutical industries. Our system of almost 310 Sales and 250 Service channel partners gives us an extensive reach to the mofussil towns.

About the Manufacturer: 

Elanpro offers several types of refrigeration and food-service solutions for Healthcare sectors, Bars, Pubs, Softy & Beverages, Café, Fast food chains, Resorts, Fine-dining Restaurants, food retail, etc. The company is spread nationwide with several branch offices and warehouses and also satellite offices found in 31 states and Union Territories with over 75 employees. The company has extended its presence beyond metro cities to B, C, and D class cities with a significant growing presence in the rural market. Elanpro is committed to making its service unique. This is the prime reason for major Retailers like Pepsi, Coke, Amul, Sabmiller, Inbev, Kingfisher, More Retail, & Future Retail to have trusted Elanpro.

The company has justified its product quality in the most challenging and demanding sectors, such as the Ice-cream industry, beverages, and the healthcare sectors such as hospitals and laboratories. Elanpro’s constant focus on their service quality has made them reach great heights. They represent the world’s leading manufacturers for Beverages. The team at Elanpro understands that after-sales support is crucial. Hence, it has an excellent infrastructure and is present in all major cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Kolkata, Bhopal, Indore, Jaipur and a countrywide network of over 250 Service dealers to serve customers better. They are also working on new products that are to fill gaps in Food sectors, Beverage sectors, healthcare, and ice cream segments. The team hopes to gain substantial market share in the next five years. Elanpro provides large scale solutions and services to its critical clients. Elanpro is assured to grow faster in the market while taking care of all stakeholders.

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