Elanpro EIL 45 Glass top Deep freezer

by Elanpro
Rs. 56,000.00

Elanpro Glass Top Freezer EIL 45 stands for good quality. They are introduced with excellent in-class insulation to guarantee good performance. They have a capacity of 399 Ltr and an efficient compressor.

Buy Elanpro EIL 45 Glass top Deep freezer with best performance and durability from Biotecnika.

Key Features

  • Low energy consumption
  • Usable in both  minus and plus temperature
  • Elanpro EIL 45 Glass top Deep freezer has included a locking system
  • Included Castors
  • Available in hardtop

Elanpro Glass Top Freezer EIL 45: Description

The temperature of the Deep freezer ranges from 2 to 8 Deg and -10 to -25 Deg. It can be used as a chiller(plus temperature) as well as freezer(minus temperature) The freezer has a dimension of 63 (w) x 28 (d) x 35 (h) Inches. The glass top door enables convenient usage of the freezer. With 399 Ltr capacity and Rotary compressor, Elanpro EIL 45 Glass top Deep freezer is designed with a sliding door.

Elanpro Glass Top Freezer EIL 45: Specifications

Brand Elanpro
Model EIL 45
Capacity 399 Lt
Temperature Range 2 to 8 Deg and -10 to -25 Deg
Dimension 63 (w) x 28 (d) x 35 (h) Inches
Door/Top Glass top
Power NA
Fridge Operation Chiller (Plus), Freezer (Minus)
Refrigerator Type Chest Freezer
Compressor Rotary Compressor
Door Material Glass / Window
Door Type Sliding


Elanpro Glass Top Freezer EIL 45: About Elanpro

Elanpro was established by professionals with a total experience of 70 years in business and how to run the company professionally and profitably. Elanpro's center of attraction is its commercial refrigerators. They provide refrigerators to a large number of pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and retail industries. They provide refrigerators with assured quality and durability.

Some of the Elanpro's products include:

  • Retail Refrigeration Display Freezer and Chiller
  • Countertop Display models
  • Beverage Solution
  • Bar Refrigeration
  • Kitchen Refrigeration
  • Confectionary Showcase
  • Ice Machines and Flakers

Elanpro Glass Top Freezers are growing faster in the market, and Elanpro hopes to achieve considerable market share in the next five years.


5 Points to consider while purchasing a refrigerator for your laboratory

1. The Temperature:

The most crucial factor to consider while buying a refrigerator. The temperature should depend on your samples you are planning to store inside the fridge. Here are the standard temperature ranges used in the laboratory.

General-purpose refrigerator temperature -  0℃ to 10 ℃
General-purpose Freezer - 0 to -30℃
Ultra-low temperature freezers -  -40 to -86 ℃
Cryogenic Freezers go down to -125 ℃

2. The Capacity:

The capacity depends on the number of samples you need to store in the refrigerator. Refrigerators with various capacities are available in the market. Its a best practice to check the dimensions and capacity of the refrigerator before purchasing. Also, consider the capacity requirements for the future.

3. Access:

This is really important because, generally, people forget about how to bring the refrigerator to the lab and check if the door is wide and tall enough to bring it through. Elanpro Glass Top Freezer EIL 45 has a convenient size, which makes the transport easy.

4. Ventilation Requirements:

Ventilation demands can vary between refrigerators. This is a major inquiry to ask your distributor before purchasing to make sure that you have considered the ventilation requirements for the location. In most cases, as the cross-section area for ventilation increases, the energy efficiency of the refrigerator increases. If you have ventilation constraints in your proposed room, ask your supplier concerning personalized ventilation.

5. Monitoring System:

If you work with temperature-sensitive samples, you would need a monitoring system in your refrigerator-that stores and keeps track of the temperature data with an alarm system to notify you when the temperature goes up.

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