HiMedia Wee32 Thermal Cycler

Rs. 148,500.00

HiMedia Wee32 Thermal Cycler

The Wee-32™ Thermal Cycler from HiMedia delivers proven reliability combined with enhanced features to meet your today’s and tomorrow’s PCR needs.

Model: Wee32® Thermal Cycler LA1060
Aluminum alloy blocks of 32 wells (8 x 4) compatible with 0.2ml PCR tubes, 0.2ml 8-strip PCR tubes

Make: Hi-Media

Catalog Number: LA1060

What is PCR?

The Polymerase Chain Reaction is a molecular biology method that is used to make multiple copies of the desired DNA. Polymerase Chain Reaction is based on using the ability of the enzyme DNA polymerase to synthesize new strand of DNA complementary to the template DNA strand which helps to identify the presence or absence of the gene. Since the introduction of quantitative PCR or the Real-time PCR, it has revolutionized the field of molecular diagnostics and Polymerase Chain Reaction technique is being used in a number of applications right from educational institutes to world-class research centers. Real-time PCR is different from that of the conventional PCR that enables us to get real-time data when the reaction is proceeding.

Features of HiMedia Wee32 PCR Thermal Cycler:

  • Single Aluminium alloy block of 32 wells compatible for 0.2ml PCR tubes & strips.
  • Gradient set up feature is available. Gradient temperature is from range 30- 100°C.
  • 5” TFT color touch – screen with graphical display provides easy use for setting up and monitoring.
  • Automatic restart after power failure.
  • The USB drive is available for the transfer of data and software updating.
  • Heating Rate : 5°C/sec ; Cooling rate : 4°C/sec.
  • Control Accuracy : ± 0.2°C (30 - 99.9°C).
  • Wifi-enabled, Support email-alert function when the experimenting is over

HiMedia Wee32 PCR Thermal Cycler- User Profile:

  • DNA Cloning
  • Genetic Engineering Sequencing
  • DNA based "phylogeny’
  • Hereditary diseases
  • Genetic fingerprints (forensic)
  • Diagnosis of ‘infectious diseases

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Why HiMedia Wee32 PCR Thermal Cycler?

HiMedia is known for its world-class hi-tech products. They manufacture a complete range of chromogenic and HiVeg™ media products. HiMedia have the broadest range of Vegetable Hydrolysate based microbiology culture media (HiVeg™). This is due to HiMedia's vertically integrated manufacturing units that produce a comprehensive range of Plant and Animal-based hydrolysates. Some of the advanced products in the fields of Animal Cell Culture, Plant Tissue Culture, and Molecular Biology came next as the demands for them grew. HiMedia has an excellent chemical testing facility which is equipped with the latest analytical instruments. This enables HiMedia to deliver consistent ultra-pure products to its customers. With a strong commitment to excellence in work Culture and products, HiMedia has its own in-house bulk raw materials manufacturing plant. This enables HiMedia to deliver consistent quality products that conform to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2012 and WHO: GMP. The technical product-service packages offered by HiMedia globally enables patrons to tap the expertise of HiMedia's Central Laboratory in matching products to their precise needs.

Technical Specifications of HiMedia Wee32 Thermal Cycler:

Product Name & Code Wee 32™ (LA 1060)
Capacity 32×0.2ml(4×8 layout)
Tube 0.2ml single tube, 8 strip
Temperature Range 4~100o C
MAX. Heating Rate 5o C/s
MAX. Cooling Rate 4o C/s
Sample Ramp Rate 4-4.5°C/s
Uniformity ≤±0.2o C
Accuracy ≤±0.2o C
Gradient Temp. Range 30~100o C
Gradient Spread 1~30o C
HiMedia Wee32 Thermal Cycler Display Resolution 0.1o C
Temperature Control Block/Tube
Ramping Rate Adjustable 0.1~5o C
Hot Lid Temperature 30~110o C
Number of Programs 10000 +(USB FLASH)
HiMedia Wee32 Thermal Cycler Max. No. of Step 30
Max. No. of Cycle 100
Time Increment/Decrement 1 Sec ~ 600 Sec
Temp. Increment/Decrement 0.1~10.0o C
Pause Function Yes
Auto Data Protection Yes
Hold at 4o C Forever
Language English
Mobile phone APP Yes
Computer Software Yes
HiMedia Wee32 Thermal Cycler LCD 5 inch, 800×480 pixels, 65K color
Communication USB2.0 , wifi
Dimensions 267mm×190mm×115mm (L×W×H)
Power Supply 85~264VAC, 47~63Hz, 200W
Weight 3.2 Kg
Warranty 2 Years

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