Laboratory Centrifuge R8C

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Laboratory Centrifuge R8C by Remi

Why buy Laboratory Centrifuge R8C by Remi?

Laboratory Centrifuges model R8C Plus is suitable for routine sample analysis in Medical, Hospital, Pathology and heads and adaptors, those units are truly versatile.  Laboratory Centrifugesare is driven by a motor and spin liquid samples at high speed so that the sample gets separated according to the density and other properties. There are various types of centrifuges based on the size and the sample capacity. Laboratory Centrifuges model R8C Plus ideal for growing routine application in biochemical and clinical labs, for Hematocrit, Corpuscle Percentage contents in blood, Serum analysis, and precipitate separation, etc.

Factors to consider before buying a Centrifuge:

There are certain factors that have to be taken into consideration when you plan to buy a lab instrument. When picking a microcentrifuge for your laboratory the factors like its the ability as well as the sample size is very important. The ability of a microcentrifuge is the maximum number of sample tubes it can hold in one run. The dimension of sample tubes concerns how much of your sample you require to process at one spin or in a day.

Here are some of the features of the Laboratory Centrifuge R8C centrifuge.

Driven by a strong motivation to succeed, REMI satisfies stringent high-quality demands, which assists them a lower threat and also enhances competitive advantage, thus helping their customers progress the path to proceed and us to international acknowledgment.
It's also due to their knowledge financial institution: REMI items are an outcome of a mix of experience in electric/ digital/ refrigeration/ mechanical/ product packaging areas as well as they have professional experts for each of these locations.

Its an issue of pride that they have a well-founded connection with their representatives for over 25 years. REMI is pleased to say that every single time we present a brand-new item in the market, it obtains immediate approval as a result of the count on we have built in our consumers for many years.

What makes REMI products unique?

  1. Widest range of products & models under one roof
  2. Customization of products to suit individual customer requirements
  3. Delivering complete & cost-effective solutions for Blood Banking
  4. Strong emphasis on Quality at every stage of the manufacturing process
  5. Manufacturing experience of over 50 years
  6. Timely deliveries
  7. A network of over 800 dealers across India
  8. 16 Service centers with more than 100 sales & service engineers
  9. Service excellence you can count on
  10. A customer-friendly and a passionately motivated team
Some Salient features of Laboratory Centrifuge R8C centrifuge.
  • Automatic rotor identification ensures operator safety
  • Stainless Steel centrifuge Chamber, easy to clean
  • Brushless Induction motor with variable frequency drive
  • Microprocessor controller with digital display making REMI R08
  • Stable speed output even under unstable voltage conditions
  • Smooth & soft start
  • Low sample temperature rise
  • Inverter fault detection with auto shutdown
  • 7 segment LED display of speed (R-8C Plus/R-12C Plus)
  • The alphanumeric LCD display of speed & RCF (R-8M Plus)
  • Selection of 3 acceleration & deceleration profiles (R-8M Plus)
  • Digital countdown timer & continuous run
  • Safety lid interlock to prevent lid opening during centrifugation
  • Imbalance detection & centrifugation stop with the display of error
  • Dynamic brake for quick deceleration
  • Motor overload protection
  • Gas hinge to prevent door falling
  • Emergency lid lock release
  • Last set parameters recall (Useful for repetitive analysis)
  • Wide variety of rotors & reduction adaptors

Technical Data of

Laboratory Centrifuge R8C centrifuge.
Models   R-8C Plus
R-8 Plus
R-12C Plus
Max. Speed rpm 6000 16000
Max. RCF “g”™ 5070 21000
Max. Capacity ml 400 40
Digital timer range Min 0-99 0-15
Noise   60dB 60 dB
WxDxH mm 380x470x300 380x470x300


About REMI

REMI, founded in 1960, by the late visionary Mr. C. K. Saraf, with a small factory, is today Turning, Evolving, Growing. From a humble beginning, REMI has diversified into multi-product manufacturing divisions to become one of India™s most trusted brands. This year, yet another chapter is written in REMI™s history, as we complete 50 glorious years. Over these 50 epic years, we have dreamt, innovated, succeeded and are on our way to become a world-class enterprise.

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