Remi RM-02 PLUS Mini Centrifuges

Rs. 8,600.00

Remi RM-02 PLUS Mini Centrifuges: Mini Centrifuge RM02 Plus by REMI

Make: REMI

Model Number: RM02 Plus

Remi RM-02 PLUS Mini Centrifuges is an inevitable part of the laboratory. Mini centrifuges are driven by a motor and spin liquid samples at high speed so that the sample gets separated according to the density and other properties. There are various types of centrifuges based on the size and the sample capacity.

Why Remi RM-02 PLUS Mini Centrifuge?

Driven by a strong inspiration to stand out, REMI fulfills rigorous high-quality demands, which helps us decrease risk and enhance affordable benefits, thus helping their clients march on the course to proceed as well as us to worldwide acknowledgment and recognition. Additionally, as a result of their knowledge bank, REMI items are a result of a mix of competence in electrical/ digital/ refrigeration/ mechanical/ product packaging areas as well as they have special experts for each and every one of these areas. It is a matter of satisfaction that they have a solid and trusted connection with their customers and representatives for over 25 years. Every single time they present a brand-new item in the marketplace, it acquires immediate acceptance due to the trust they have constructed in customers over the years. REMI RM02 Plus Mini centrifuge is powerful and easy-to-use. They are the mini centrifuges that are small enough so that each workstation can be equipped with a personal centrifuge.

Why customers trust REMI Products? Remi RM-02 PLUS Mini Centrifuge

  • Widest range of products & models under one roof
  • Customization of products to suit individual customer requirements
  • Strong emphasis on Quality at every stage of the manufacturing process
  • Manufacturing experience of over 50 years
  • Timely deliveries
  • The network of over 800 dealers across India
  • 16 Service centers with more than 100 sales & service engineers
  • Service excellence you can count on
  • A customer-friendly and a passionately motivated team
  • Delivering complete & cost-effective solutions for Blood Banking

Factors to consider before buying a Centrifuge: Remi RM-02 PLUS Mini Centrifuge

There are certain factors that have to be taken into consideration when you plan to buy a lab instrument. When picking a microcentrifuge for your laboratory the factors like its the ability as well as the sample size is very important. The ability of a microcentrifuge is the maximum number of sample tubes it can hold in one run. The dimension of sample tubes concerns how much of your sample you require to process at one spin or in a day. Or in simple words what kind of throughput capability do you require?   Here are some of the features of REMI RM02 Plus Mini centrifuge.

Salient Features of Remi RM-02 PLUS Mini Centrifuge:

  • Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor
  • Unique Closed rotor reduces friction to ensure better airflow, low heat generation & whisper-quiet operation
  • Max speed of 6000 RPM – 2000 x g – can process up to 8 microtubes of 1.5/2 ml at a time
  • Electronic brake for an immediate stop on lid opening for user safety
  • Save time by doing quick runs by simply opening and closing the lid
  • Microprocessor controlled for greater efficiency – Next-gen design with digital display
  • Robust construction for long life under repeated usage
  • Remi RM-02 PLUS Mini Centrifuge has user calibration facility
  • Carbon isolation feature (dust does not enter rotor chamber)
  • Replaceable strip rotor & adaptors for 0.2 ml & 0.4/0.5 ml microtubes
  • Extremely compact footprint saves valuable bench space- suitable for use in fume hoods or cold rooms
  • Settable speed (up to 6000 RPM) and time (up to 99 minutes)
Spinning harmful materials is occasionally needed for the successful implementation of an experiment. Medical or clinical research laboratories likewise may need to refine blood or other cells samples using microcentrifugation. REMI RM02 Plus Mini centrifuge design is suitable to deal with any chemicals putting in your safety as its priority. Hazardous samples are especially disturbing to deal with because occasionally sample tubes damage and they may consist of radioactive labels or contagious biohazardous compounds and even microorganisms, HIV or other viruses. In this situation, a rotor lid that fits well enough to ensure user's protection which is accredited for usage with biohazardous materials is a wise selection. Your safety is our primary concern. Buy now, REMI RM02 Plus Mini centrifuge, at its cheapest price from Biotecnika PrimeYour success is our achievement and your research is our responsibility. 

Technical Specifications of Remi RM-02 PLUS Mini Centrifuges:

MODEL RM 02 Plus
Rotor Capacity 8 place closed rotor for 1.5/2.0ml microtubes
Speed RPM / RCF (g) 6000/2000 g
Digital Display Yes
Electronic Safety Brake Yes
Noise Level < 55 dB
Power Supply Universal (95 to 230V, 50/60Hz)
Dimensions (WxDxH) in mm 162 x 157 X 115 mm
Rubber suction pads Yes
Rotors and Adaptors (included in standard pack) 1.} 8 Slot x 1.5/2.0ml Closed Rotor 2.} PCR Strip Rotor (2 x 8 x 0.2 ml) Reduction Adaptors for 0.2 / 0.4 ml microtubes

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