Neuation High Speed Micro Centrifuge

Rs. 58,000.00

Neuation High Speed Micro Centrifuge

Make: Neuation 

Model: i Fuge D12

A microcentrifuge, also called a microfuge, is an unavoidable piece of lab equipment; it is function is to spin small (2 ml or less) liquid examples at high speeds (usually 10s of thousand times g-force). Neuation High-Speed Micro Centrifuge is developed to supply comprehensive centrifugation solutions.

Why Neuation High-Speed Micro Centrifuge?

Neuation High-Speed Micro Centrifugefeatures a powerful Brushless DC electric motor and also a boosted airflow layout to protect sensitive samples from rising in temperature levels. Furthermore, functions like discrepancy detection, lid-lock safety, and also one-touch toggle make it an incredibly hassle-free device to use.

Neuation's Centrifuge device which will certainly fit effortlessly into your work life and also deliver phenomenal efficiency. It is developed to provide maximum efficiency and durability. The gadget's design is particularly customized to give improved air movement to prevent the rise of the temperature inside the chamber. Neuation follows ISO 9001: 2015 management systems is an ISO 13485: 2003 certified lab equipment manufacturing enterprise which is known for its precision product making. Neuation High Speed Micro Centrifuge is one of the favorite centrifuges of researchers for its compactness and durability.

Factors to take into consideration before buying a Centrifuge:

Particular factors need to be considered when you prepare to get a lab instrument like a centrifuge. When selecting microcentrifuge for your research laboratory, the factors like its the capacity as well as the sample size is critical. The capacity of a microcentrifuge is the maximum number of sample tubes it can keep in one run. The measurement of sample tubes refers to how much of your example you need to process at one spin or in a day. Or in simple words, what kind of throughput ability do you call for?  Here are several of the features of Neuation high-speed microcentrifuge.

Features of Neuation High Speed Micro Centrifuge:

  • Brushless DC motor for Ultra-quiet performance and a maintenance-free long lifeIntuitive simple interface for quick and convenient setting
  • Lid lock safety - Lid opens automatically on run completion
  • One-touch Short Spin operation & RPM / RCF conversion
  • Small footprint saves valuable bench space
  • Suitable for use in hoods or cold rooms
  • Compatible with Mini Hematocrit Rotor & PCR strip rotor

Hazardous samples are especially disturbing to deal with because occasionally sample tubes damage and they may consist of radioactive labels or contagious biohazardous compounds and even microorganisms, HIV or other viruses. In this situation, a rotor lid that fits well enough to ensure user's protection which is accredited for usage with biohazardous materials is a wise selection. Your safety is our primary concern. Buy now, Neuation Smart Personal Centrifuge, at its cheapest price from Biotecnika Prime. Your success is our achievement and your research is our responsibility. 

Detailed features of Neuation High Speed Micro Centrifuge:

  • Microprocessor controlled for efficient performance even under higher loads
  • Maximum Speed output of 15000 RPM with 44 X 1.5 / 2 ml tubes
  • Timer setting from 30 secs to 99 min and infinity mode.
  • Temperature setting from -20 to +40 C
  • Automatic Imbalance detection
  • Enhanced airflow design
  • Maintains a constant temperature of 40 C even at the max speed of 15000 RPM
  • Attains 4 C from ambient temperature in just 16 minutes
  • User can set 99 programs of 4 lines each
  • Single equipment for different rotors - 1) 24 X 1.5 / 2 ml, 2) 44 X 1.5 / 2 ml, 3) 8 X 5 ml and PCR strip Rotor (4 Strips)

Neuation High-Speed Micro Centrifuge

Brushless DC motor


Microprocessor controlled centrifuge



Imbalance detection with auto cut off


Digital display for easy reading of parameters



Specification of Neuation Refrigerated High Speed Micro Centrifuge:

Specifications i Fuge D12
Rotor Capacity 12 x 1.5ml / 2.0 ml microtubes
Rotors (Optional) 2 PCR Strips
Mini Hematocrit Rotor - 24 x 45 length capillary tubes
Maximum RPM / RCF 15000 / 15596g
Timer Setting 1 to 99 mins & infinite mode
Display Digital display
Imbalance Detection Yes
Noise Level < 60 db
Rotor Rotor with Screw-on Lid (for better contamination protection)
Motor Type (BLDC) Brushless DC motor
Dimensions (W x D x H) 260 x 244 x 205 mm
Adaptors (included in standard pack) Reduction adaptors for 0.2 ml microtubes
Reduction adaptors for 0.4/0.5 ml microtubes

Neuation Refrigerated High Speed Micro Centrifuge with iFuge M24 Rotor

iFuge D12
Product Name Cat # Details
iFuge D12 D12-1110 EU/US/UK/AU Mini Centrifuge 15000 RPM/15596g, for 12 x 1.5 / 2 ml tubes
Part Name Cat # Details
12 Slot Rotor D12-R12 12 x 1.5/ 2 ml tubes slot rotor
12 slot rotor lid D12-R12E -
Mini HCT rotor D12 - HCT 24 x 45 mm length capillary tubes
Rotor Lid D12-R12E Rotor Lid for 12 slot rotor
Rotor Nut M12-RN Rotor Nut for the Rotor Lid
PCR Strip Rotor D12-M12 - 2 x 8 2 PCR stirp rotor in Black colour
Adaptors for 0.2 ml D12-D1 Reduction Adaptors of 2 ml tubes
Adaptors for 0.4/0.5 ml D12-D2 Reduction Adaptors of 2 ml tubes
Allen Key D12-C -
Power Adaptor D12-AP -


If you have any kind of queries regarding Neuation High-Speed Micro Centrifuge or any certain requirement for labware or lab instruments that are not discussed in website/catalog or if you are trying to find an alternative to your very priced imported lab needs, do send us an inquiry at live chat. Our talented, skilled group of assistants ensures that every item coming outmatches the best top quality criteria that consumers are expecting.

Shipping Details of Neuation High speed Micro Centrifuge:

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