Pfact Fully Autoclavable Micropipette

by P'fact
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Pfact Fully Autoclavable Micropipette- Why buy this?

Pfact Fully Autoclavable Pipette is the very first pipette series by Pfact that rolled out of Fine Treatment Firm and also began the successful journey of this Firm. With all the required fundamental features- high accuracy-precision, lightweight, and long-lasting feature, Pfact Fully Autoclavable Pipette has actually ended up being identified with pipette in start-ups, laboratories, colleges, universities as well as various other laboratories where high quality, toughness, as well as cost,  are given equivalent value.

Model: Pfact Fully Autoclavable 12 Channel Micropipette

When scientists require measure of  smaller volumes of a liquid, they use a pipette- a calibrated glass tube into which the fluid or a liquid such as enzymes are drawn and released after that. Glass as well as plastic pipettes have actually been pillars of chemistry and also biology research laboratories for years, and they can be relied upon to give quantities as small as 0.1 mL. Therefore the Pfact Fully Autoclavable Pipette is one of the best pipettes available in the market.

Molecular biologists regularly use a lot smaller sized volumes of fluids in their research work, also getting down to 0.1 µL (that's one 10 thousandth of a millilitre or one ten-millionth of a litre!). For such small quantities, they need a micropipette for an accurate measure of the liquids.

The micropipette tips are an integral part of the micropipette as well as enables the same device to be utilized for different samples (as long as you alter your tip in between) without washing. They come in a variety of different dimensions as well as colors, depending upon the micropipette they are utilized with, as well as the quantity to be dispensed during research work.

General Parts of a Pipette



Features of Pfact Fully Autoclavable Micropipette:

  • Pfact Fully Autoclavable Micropipette is Fully Autoclavable, therefore easy to sterilize using an autoclave consequently easy maintenance of sterility.
  • Click-stop digital system for volume setting, therefore, this micropipette is quite accurate when it comes to liquid dispensing
  • Ergonomic Design ensuring lightweight & soft plunger movement, therefore, Pfact Fully Autoclavable Micropipette is easy to use and is quite a user-friendly device
  • High accuracy and precision guaranteed because of the latest technology used which developing this  device
  • Two-step plunger operation allows one of the unique process called "reverse pipetting technique". Which makes it different from other pipettes.
  • Individual serial No. permanently marked on each Pfact Fully Autoclavable Micropipette.
  • Calibration as per DIN 12650 & ISO 8655 standards hence the quality is of world-class
  • Calibration report enclosed with every Pfact Fully Autoclavable Micropipette, therefore, you have a defined and easy calibration method
  • Color-coded for easy identification.


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