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Pfact Micropipette stand is to give maximum comfort to the end-user in dealing with and in the storage of pipette. Many tasks in the lab rely on accurate liquid volume measurement using a micropipette or in other words the accurate amount of liquid dispensed by your micropipette. Laying your pipette down on your workbench with the compounds, solutions or liquid samples inside the tip can cause corrosion and contamination along with other physical damages to your favorite micropipettes.  Even a small quantity of liquid in the microtip will lead to corrosion inside your pipette can have a significant impact on your pipetting results.

To keep the pipette accurately calibrated it should be stored properly. This stand is a perfect lab pipette stand for the storage of your micropipettes.

How to store your micropipettes?

When the micropipettes are not in use, they should always be stored;

  • Upright
  • Set to the highest volume setting
  • Away from heat and moisture
  • With Pipette tips removed

The simplest way to ensure your pipettes are correctly stored considering all the above factors is to use a Pfact micropipette stand.

This means that your micropipettes are always correctly stored in the upright position. These stands also act as a base point so all pipettes are in one place so that it will easy to finding them quickly, as well as to keep an eye on when re-calibration or repairs are needed for your micropipettes. P fact pipette stands are available in lots of different sizes (, to hold 3, 6 or even 7 pipettes) and different colors, so you can keep all the micropipettes organized will in your laboratory. Therefore, proper pipette storage is crucial for the optimal performance of your micropipette and can prolong the life, accuracy, and performance of your pipette.

Why store pipettes upright using a micropipette stand?

Storing pipettes upright avoids any liquid still present from running up into the inner workings which will result in corrosion. Storing your pipettes upright also helps in avoiding piston lubricant inside the pipette barrel from accumulating on one side only.

The pipette tip should always be removed after use to prevent the chance of accidentally using the same tip again for any other experiments. Using the same tip can cause cross-contamination because pipette tips are always advisable for one-time use only for this chance of cross-contamination. Storing your pipettes in P fact micropipette stand eliminates the risk chance  of liquid being trapped in the microtip which could evaporate up into the inner workings of the pipette

It is always advisable to set variable volume pipettes to their maximum volume before storage so that this is the position where the spring inside your micropipette is in it’s least stressed position.

Models available for Pfact Micropipette stand:

Cat. No. Description Detailed Features
SAS-01 Carousel stand for 6 pipettes Shelf mounting stand for pipette, Carousel stand for 6 pipettes Prime Series
SAS-02 Shelf mounting stand for pipette Shelf mounting stand for pipette Prime Series
SA - 100 P'Fact Acrylic stand to hold 4 pipettes Hold 4 pipettes VA - FA & AV - AF Series.
SA - 200 P'Fact Acrylic stand to hold 6 pipettes Hold 6 pipettes VA - FA & AV - AF Series
AJ - 06 P'fact Acrylic stand to hold 6 Jr. pipettes Hold 6 pipettes Jr. Series


To dispense your fluids with accuracy and precision, you require to be certain that your fluid handling equipment depends on a high requirement and properly adjusted. Accurate calibration of micropipette used for lab experiments is an important part of a good research laboratory method. No scientist would prefer using a pipette that is not appropriately calibrated which will result in the wastage of their valuable time and effort. The exact same degree of attention needs to be given in the storage of the micropipettes. Your research is safe in our hands. Buy now, Pfact micropipette stand, at its cheapest price from Biotecnika Prime.

If you have any kind of queries regarding Pfact micropipette stand or any certain requirement for labware or lab instruments that are not discussed in website/catalog or if you are trying to find an alternative to your very priced imported lab needs, do send us an inquiry at live chat. Our talented, skilled group of assistants ensures that every item coming outmatches the best top quality criteria that consumers are expecting.

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