PRIME Fix Volume Micropipette

by P'fact
Rs. 4,000.00

PRIME Fix Volume Micropipette by Pfact

The vigorous efforts of Pfact design and manufacturing teams, based upon the feedback gotten from their consumers, has brought the P'fact - Prime pipette collection to production. PRIME Fix Volume Micropipette by Pfact pipette carries out flawlessly on all criteria assisting in premium research as well as uses amazing user performance, making everyday pipetting easily with unmatched precision. A micropipette is a lab device typically utilized in chemistry, biology as well as medicine to dispense a measured quantity of liquids like reagents, acids, alkalies, and media.

Pfact PRIME Fix Volume micropipettes can be found in numerous layouts or designs for multiple functions with varying degrees of accuracy and precision, right from single piece glass pipettes to more complicated adjustable, flexible micro or electronic pipettes suitable for a wide range of experiments.

Detailed Feature of Pfact PRIME Fix volume Micropipette:

  • Special Teflon sealing for long-lasting, precise & smooth operation
  • Comfortable finger rest for both right and left-hand usage
  • In-house cleaning, repair, and calibration without any special tool
  • New tip cone design for compatibility with a wide range of tip
  • Locking mechanism for prevention against accidental volume changes during  pipetting
  • Soft ejector for smooth one-hand ejection while preventing contamination
  • Lightweight construction for constant ease of use over prolonged usage
  • Shelf mounting stand for convenient storage and handling
  • Fully Autoclavable

Many pipettes including our Pfact PRIME Fix volume Micropipette kinds works by producing a partial vacuum over the liquid-holding chamber as well as selectively releasing this vacuum to formulate and then to dispense the fluid. Measurement precision varies substantially relying on its design. Pipettes and also micropipettes are made use of to measure and also provide precise quantities of liquid. The distinction in between both is that micropipettes gauge a much smaller quantity, starting at 1 microliter, while pipettes normally begin at 1 milliliter.

Order today Pfact PRIME FIXED VOLUME MICRO PIPETTE To give your fluids with accuracy and precision, you require to be certain that your fluid handling equipment depends on a high requirement and properly adjusted. Pfact PRIME FIXED VOLUME MICROPIPETTE assures you the quality and precision. If you have any kind of query regarding pipettes like Pfact PRIME Fix Volume micropipette or any other lab instruments that are not discussed in the website/catalog or if you are trying to find an alternative to your very priced imported lab needs, do send us an inquiry at live chat. Our talented, skilled group of assistants ensures that every item coming outmatches the best top quality criteria that consumers are expecting. 

IFrame About the Pfact PRIME Fix volume Micropipette Manufacturer:

Neuation is leading product maker of excellent quality fluid managing tools and lab instruments around the globe. They have a wide range of fluid managing tools like a mini pipette, pipette controller, electronic pipette, Pfact Jr. Micropipettes as well as accessories for usage in chemical and logical research laboratories. Their items are distributed in more than 100 nations. They have actually made a particular niche for them as a trusted vendor of superior-top quality liquid taking care of solutions. Group P'fact guarantees that every product manufactured by them like Pfact PRIME Fix volume Micropipette surpasses clients' assumptions in performance as well as longevity. Quality and Durability is promised in all the products they make.

Why P fact PRIME Fix Volume micropipettes?

With the help of an accurate pipette calibration of  Pfact PRIME Fix volume Micropipette, you can now do precise pipetting. Pfact pipette has a click-stop volume setting where you can find two stops. The initial stop is made use of to fill the micropipette pointer and the second stop is utilized to dispense the contents in the tip. As the operator depresses the plunger to the first stop, an inner piston displaces a volume of air equal to the volume shown on the quantity indication dial. Accurate calibration of micropipette used for lab experiments is an important part of a good research laboratory method. No scientist would prefer using a pipette that is not appropriately calibrated which will result in the wastage of their valuable time and effort. The exact same degree of attention needs to be to use accurately calibrated pipettes when dispensing fluids making use of micropipettes. Your research is safe in our hands.


Order today Pfact PRIME FIXED VOLUME MICRO PIPETTE from Biotecnika Prime. Your success is our achievement and your research is our responsibility. 

Cat. No. Volume Range [μl]
SFA-2.5 2.5 μl
SFA-0005 5 μl
SFA-0010 10 μl
SFA-0020 20 μl
SFA-0025 25 μl
SFA-0050 50 μl
SFA-0100 100 μl
SFA-0200 200 μl
SFA-0250 250 μl
SFA-0500 500 μl
SFA-1000 1000 μl
SFA-2000 2000 μl
SFA-5000 5000 μl
SFA-10000 10000 μl

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