AS 82/220.R2 Analytical Balance

by Radwag
Rs. 155,900.00

Radwag AS R Analytical Balance by Radwag Balances and Scales is a guarantee of perfect weighing parameters and intuitive operation. Analytical Balance allows data exchange and offers various functions that improve the effectiveness and increases the operation comfort. In the Radwag analytical balances, there are three product groups. These products differ in their advancement level. They are professional and are intended for the most demanding applications, advanced – designed for almost all processes and standards while using popular solutions. Radwag's vast product range of analytical balances allows anybody to select a model suiting their requirements.

Model: AS 82/220.R2 Analytical Balance

AS.R2 series balances represent a new standard of precision balances. They feature a unique, readable LCD, which allows a more precise weighing result. Besides, the LCD display has a new text information line that allows additional messages and data to be shown, e.g., product name or tare value.

New Radwag AS R Analytical Balance, have pans in two dimensions: 128x128 mm or 195x195 mm. The balances with a smaller pan come with a draft shield. The precision and the measurement accuracy of the balance is assured by automatic internal adjustment, which considers and note the temperature changes and time flow.

AS R2 balances feature several communication interfaces: 2 x RS 232, type A USB, type B USB, and optional Wireless Connection.

The new AS R2 analytical balance high capacity balances (6100, 8100, and 10100) feature centrally fixed weighing pan and new sealing ring. This improves air-tightness and simplifies cleaning. A metal anti-draft shield is equipped to the new Radwag AS R Analytical Balance, which advances its accuracy.

The analytical balance may cooperate with a computer by means of a USB interface supposing a supplementary software that has been installed (respective driver). The said driver may be downloaded from the RADWAG website, using the SOFTWARE link or in the SUPPORT section.

The housing of the analytical balance is made of plastic, and the pan is made of stainless steel.
The Radwag AS R Analytical Balance can weigh products out of the pan (under hook weighing) - the load hangs under the pan.

Model of Radwag AS R Analytical Balance AS 82/220.R2
Capacity x Readability 82 g x 0.01 mg
220 g x 0.1 mg
Verification M17
Tare range -220 g
Linearity ±0.06 mg
Repeatability 0.015 mg
0.015 mg


in temperature +15 - +35 °C

Minimum load 1 mg
Pan size ø 70 mm
The stabilization time of Radwag AS R Analytical balance 6/3.5 s
Working temperature +10 - +40 °C
Adjustment / Calibration internal (automatic)
Atmospheric humidity 40% ÷ 80%
Display LCD (backlit)
Power supply 12 ÷ 16 V DC

2×RS 232,

USB-A, USB-B, Wireless Connection (option)

Net weight/Gross weight 5.4/7.5 kg


DATABASES IN Radwag AS R Analytical Balance

The information system is based on five databases, which allows several users to work with several product databases, and using the databases, the registered weighing results can be further analyzed. The data is registered in 5 databases:

  • - users (up to 10 users),
  • - products (up to 1000 products),
  • - weighments (up to 5000 weighments),
  • - tares (up to 100 tares),
  • - ALIBI memory of Radwag AS R Analytical Balance (up to 100 000 weighments).

ALIBI memory in the Radwag AS R Analytical Balance is a secure data area and allows you to record up to 100 000 weighment records. It ensures the security of constant data registers in a long time.

There are two directions of data exchange within the system of the analytical balance, thanks to a quick USB interface. New balances allow import and export databases using USB pen drives. It gives quick access to information. The direct access to functions and databases can be accessed from the level of the keyboard.

  • Database – direct access to databases
  • Function - direct access to the basic features
  • F1 to F4 – the programmable function and navigation keys on the menu


About Radwag AS R Analytical Balance Manufacturer: 

The ideas are realized by supplying the customers with more and more innovative products, which are employed by most demanding end-users with great satisfaction. Measurable effects of our activity are positive opinions of numerous users, thanks to which RADWAG is placed among leading manufacturers of balances and scales. Radwag was established in 1984 as a small craftsman works. A company with a few people working was manufacturing simple solutions like kitchen scales equipped with spring elements, mechanical scales, and solutions for the post. In 1992 Radwag has built the first electronic balance fitted with a microprocessor. The technologically advanced scales were produced in a large number, which revolutionized its construction and began the dynamic development of the company. By then, on Grudniowa Street first, the independent premises of the company are created. Simultaneously, employment increased, followed by an increase in production.

Radwag relies on its scientific ideas, all products manufactured by Radwag like this Radwag AS R Analytical Balance is based on its own constructional and functional solutions. The development of the company is financed exclusively from profits gained from sales of manufactured goods. Radwag, in the year 1995, has built 10 000 electronic balances and scales, two years later, in 1997, first analytical balances have been made. In the year 2000, Radwag has started to produce weighbridges. Radwag, from a local manufacturer, has transformed into a company known across the world, and in the year 2002, it receives ISO 9001:2000 certificate.

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