Tarsons AUTO SECADOR Desiccator Cabinet

by Tarsons
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Tarsons AUTO SECADOR Desiccator Cabinet- Why Buy This Product?

Protecting valuable humidity-sensitive items, such as reagents or electronics, is easy and fully automatic with Tarsons AUTO SECADOR Desiccator Cabinet. The electronic desiccant regeneration module recharges the desiccant every 20 minutes. Compared to other auto-desiccators that regenerate once every 4 to 6 hours, the Tarsons AUTO SECADOR Desiccator Cabinet quickly attains a low %rH level on start-up and consistently maintains low %rH, especially with frequent entry to the desiccator interior.

The attractive design and sturdy construction of the Tarsons AUTO SECADOR Desiccator Cabinet assure easy and reliable storage of moisture and light-sensitive products. Choose from an extensive selection of sizes, styles, and colors of desiccator cabinets to meet your specific dry storage needs.

What are the Uses of a Desiccator? Tarsons AUTO SECADOR Desiccator Cabinet

A desiccator may be made of glass or plastic containers that can be sealed in which a small amount of desiccant material is usually placed at the bottom. This Product by Tarsons has a Premium look and very user-friendly.

Heated samples and other Laboratory Products used in Life Sciences and Chemical Sciences Lab such as beakers, or weighing dish, are cooled in a desiccator to prevent the sample or beaker from gathering moisture as it cools. The interior of the desiccator is dry due to the desiccant at the bottom and because it is sealed to keep outside, moist air from entering the Desiccator.

If a sample is allowed to cool in the open air of the Research laboratory, it will absorb moisture from the air. Generally, Life Science Experiments require very precise readings, this added water weight will give an incorrect reading to the weight of your sample. Weighing the sample while it is hot also will cause inaccurate measurements because as the sample cools, the weight fluctuates. Though the fluctuations are maybe negligible to us, it might hamper your overall result of the experiment. Therefore, the Tarsons Desiccator Plain is the perfect instrument to be used for drying, storing or even cooling your precious samples for your experiment.

Are you worried about storing your Hydrophilic Chemicals and reagents?

Then the Tarsons AUTO SECADOR Desiccator Cabinet is the Perfect piece of an instrument for you.

Unique features like an extra-long body and pull-out shelves make the Tarsons AUTO SECADOR Desiccator Cabinet perfect for dry storage use inside refrigerators. Made from clear, chemical resistant polycarbonate with stainless steel hardware, this desiccator is rugged and provides a quick visualization of contents.

Some Special Features of Tarsons AUTO SECADOR Desiccator Cabinet

  • Large doors maximize access to interior space and have a patented seal design, tab latches and security loops for a padlock or tamper-evident seals
  • Perforated shelves facilitate circulation of dry air; space for desiccant under the bottom shelf.
  • Door security loops can be secured with tamper-evident tags
  • An easy-to-view digital hygrometer is located in the door front; side swinging door opens to the left
  • Includes one sliding storage shelf with a built-in stop; can be fully removed if desired
Sr. No: Model Number H x W x D cm
1 401110 51x34x41


About Tarsons- Why Scientists Prefer Tarsons Products?- Tarsons AUTO SECADOR Desiccator Cabinet

Tarsons Products Pvt. Ltd. presently manufactures disposable plastic labware, centrifuge ware, cryo labware, tissue culture ware, liquid handling system, safety products, and instruments. Tarsonspossesses the expertise in plastic molding and have a sound knowledge of latest and inventive laboratory techniques, thus each of the products is customized to your laboratory needs. The name Tarsons is synonymous with creativity, togetherness, quality, and service.

Our sincere efforts in pursuing research in the fields of quality injection molding, rigorous QA/QC proceedings, and the integration of robotics in manufacturing, yields high-quality products that are worthy of your trust. With our unwavering belief in innovation, smart technologies and trust-based relationships with our customers, we intend to continue providing revolutionary scientific products.

Tarsons is a leader in India in the production and supply of laboratory products for use within molecular biology, cell culture, genomics, proteomics, and immunology. The name Tarsons is synonymous with creativity, togetherness, quality, and service. Quality principles apply to all-round activities of our organization: product development through production to customer service. At Tarsons quality is understood as the enhancement of our relationship with the customer. Our main endeavor at Tarsons is to provide an excellent range of modern products which exactly meets today's customer's requirement. Further, we add more value... at Tarsons we also serve our customer by providing the technical information so that our customer can select the right product to their best advantage and optimize the benefit. Tarsons is trying to develop new products in a new era emerging very fast...committed to. Serve the scientific community in realizing their dream. Serve the industry in achieving its objective.

Tarsons Strength:
We possess the expertise in plastic molding and have a sound knowledge of latest and inventive laboratory techniques. With our sincerity and aptness, we have been serving the scientific community for around thirty years. We are devoted to providing you with the products that you need to accomplish your project.


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