Thermo Scientific Magnetic Stirrer RT (Round Top) Basic Stirrer, Catalog No: 88880007

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Thermo Scientific Magnetic Stirrer, Catalog No: 88880007, is an effective plug-and-play magnetic stirrer from the RT(Round Top) Basic Series of Magnetic Stirrers by Thermo Scientific. These easy to use magnetic stirrers are reliable and make it the best choice for regular stirring applications. An economically compact and lightweight magnetic stirrer such as the Magnetic Stirrer RT Basic can be used for any experimental lab environment. A magnetic stirrer is an equipment used in the laboratory that uses a rotating magnetic field to cause the magnetic bar to spin very quickly, thus stirring it. It a tool used to create a rotating magnetic field. The main function of the magnetic stirrer is to agitate the liquid taken for either speed up the reactions or to improve mixtures.

There are three size options to pick from-- 120mm, 170mm, or 220mm. All of these magnetic stirrers come with a low profile light-weight design and are compact. The RT basic magnetic stirrers feature a chemical immune polypropylene top and body, a strong magnetic coupling to ensure regular mixing throughout the experiments. There a brushless DC Motor in the instrument which does not produce heat. Analog speed control ranges from 150 to 2500rpm. To ensure protection from spills, all the units consist of 2 non-slip silicone plate covers.

Features of Thermo Scientific Magnetic Stirrer

  • It has an operating range of 150rpm ~ 2,500rpm, which provides powerful performance in stirring solutions having high viscosity.
  • This magnetic stirrer is designed in such a way that it ensures user safety in the laboratory.
  • It has non-slip silicon plate covers that inhibit the sliding of glass flasks, beakers, etc. Two non-slip silicone plate covers are provided(1 black, 1 white).
  • The stirring time is adjusted with each RPM with quick action.
  • The DC motor attached is a non-spark BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) motor, which provides safety and high-quality durability in the laboratory.
  • The plate cover allows the monitoring of various color samples.
  • It comes with digital control.
  • It offers gradual start-up stirring, which prevents any splashing.
  • It is designed to support stirring with rods.
  • It has strong magnetic coupling to ensure consistent stirring during the experiments.
  • The speed control ranges from 30rpm to 2000rpm.
  • Overall a low profile lightweight design having a small footprint available in different sizes.

Full specifications of Thermo Scientific Magnetic Stirrer

Capacity 2L
Height  2.56 in.
Height (Metric) 65mm
Length  5.12 in.
Length (Metric) 130mm
Plug Type USA
Wattage 5W
Width  5.12 in.
Width (Metric) 30mm
Speed 150 to 2500RPM
The voltage of Thermo Scientific Magnetic Stirrer 100-240V
Material Polypropylene
Hertz 50/60Hz
Stirring Range 150 to 2500rpm
Top Plate Diameter  4.72 in.
Top Plate Diameter (Metric) 120mm
Certifications/Compliance CE
Capacity Max. Load 33.07 lb.
Capacity (Metric) Max. Load 15kg
Motor Type Brushless DC motor
Warranty and Service Offering 2 Years
Electrical Requirements 100 to 240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H) of the Magnetic stirrers 5.12 x 5.12 x 2.56 in. (130 x 30 x 65mm)
Type Stirrers
Unit Size Each


Construction Overview of RT Basic Series Magnetic Stirrers: 

  • The plate cover has non-slip silicon covers that prevent the sliding of glass containers.
  • The top plate which protects the stirrer inside and making sure there is no liquid inflow in the magnetic stirrer.
  • The foot provides unit support and enables non-skid protection to the stirrer.
  • The LED Lamp makes it easy to check the operation of the stirrer.
  • The knob to power ON/OFF and controlling the stirring speed of the magnetic stirrer.
  • The motor and control system is located inside the body.
  • The power adapter to supply power to the stirrer
  • Adapter:
    - 230V Model: Power adapter & multi plugs
    - 120V Model: Only for 120V power adapter

Maintenance and Cleaning of the Magnetic Stirrer:

The general maintenance includes daily checking of the conditions of power supply connections, the adaptor, and the cables of the Thermo Scientific Magnetic Stirrer. Checking the cleanliness of the top plate and plate cover can be done weekly. Make sure to check the status of ON/OFF on an LED lamp, the status of ON/OFF on motor, and the status of motor speed up and down daily.

To clean the top plate, remove a contaminant by cleaning the unit with a soft wet cloth and keep the unit clean by dusting the unit frequently with a soft dry cloth. To clean the plate cover, eliminate any contaminants by regularly cleaning the unit using a soft cloth, both before and after using the magnetic stirrer. Otherwise, the cover may become difficult to clean. Always keep the unit clean, without any contaminants.

Why the Thermo Scientific RT Basic Series Magnetic Stirrer? 

Thermo Scientific has a collection of roundtop hotplates, stirrers and also stirring hot plates with a variety of versions and sizes to help in maximizing your experiments. This extensive collection enables you to pick from basic analog stirrers like the Thermo Scientific Magnetic Stirrer, perfect for non-critical mixing applications to more advanced digital mixing hot plates where temperature and the mixing accuracy are crucial for success.

About the Manufacturer of RT basic series Magnetic Stirrer

Thermo Fisher Scientific is leading globally in serving science, with incomes of greater than $24 billion and approximately 70,000 staff members internationally. Enabling their customers to make the world a healthier, cleaner, and much safer place is their primary mission. They assist their clients in accelerating life sciences research study, fixing complicated logical challenges, enhance individual diagnostics, provide medications to market, and boost research laboratory performance. With their premier brand names-- Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific and Unity Laboratory Solutions-- they offer an unparalleled combination of cutting-edge technologies, buying benefit as well as thorough solutions.

Delivery Charges of Thermo Scientific RT basic series Magnetic Stirrer:

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Return Policy of ThermoScientific RT basic series Magnetic Stirrer:

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Refund policy:

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USER MANUAL of the Thermo Scientific Magnetic Stirrer is attached.

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