Finnpipette™ F2 Fixed Volume Single-Channel Pipettes

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ThermoScientific Finnpipette F2 Pipettes with fixed volume, single-channel pipettes are sleek and sturdy-styled, perfect for highly-demanding applications. They are highly durable and essential. These pipettes are built with tough Polyvinylidene fluoride or polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) components, which are highly non-reactive thermoplastic fluoropolymers that stand up to harsh chemicals and the damaging effects of UV light. They are fully autoclavable. Finnpipette F2 Pipette is a general-purpose micropipette used for sampling and dispensing accurate liquid volumes. It can be continuously adjusted. An air displacement principle that is nothing but an air interface is the principle on which the pipette operates. The tips used are detachable and disposable. In the handle of the pipette, there is a readout window, on which the adjusted delivery volume will be digitally displayed. This model, 4652110 of Finnpipette F2 pipette, has a volume range of up to 5000 µl to 5 ml. The tips recommended to use along with the Finnpipette F2 are Finntips. These finntips are made of virgin natural color polypropylene, which is considered to be the only contamination-free material that is suitable for making tips. The finntips can also be autoclaved at 121°C.

ThermoScientific Finnpipette F2 Pipettes Specifications:

Compatible Tips Finntip 5mL
Description Finnpipette F2 fixed volume
Volume (Metric) 5000 μL
Unit Size Each


Using the ThermoScientific Finnpipette F2 Pipettes:

  • On top of the pipette, there us a push-button placed. By using this push button, the delivery volume can be set. By pushing the button counterclockwise, the delivery volume can be increased, and by turning it clockwise, the delivery volume can be decreased.
  • Ensure that the desired delivery volume clicks into place.
  • Avoid setting the volume outside the specified volume range on the pipette.
  • Avoid using excessive force to turn the push button, as it may jam the mechanism and eventually damage the pipette.
  • Each pipette is attached to a tip ejector system to help eliminate the risk of contamination. To release the tip, press the tip ejector with your thumb and make sure to point the pipette at the suitable waste receptacle while releasing the tip.
  • When using the pipette, slowly push and release the push button at all times, especially when it involves high viscosity liquids. Do not allow the push button to snap back. Ensure that the tip is firmly attached to the tip cone. Check if any foreign particles are present in the tip.
  • Before starting the pipetting work, use the solution that you will be pipetting, fill, and empty the tip around two to three times. While aspirating the liquid, hold the pipette in an upright position. The grippy of the ThermoScientific Finnpipette F2 Pipettes should ideally rest on your index finger. Check and confirm that the pipette, tips, and the solution are all at the same temperature.
  • Different pipetting techniques can be applied like the forward technique, reverse technique, repetitive technique, and technique to pipette heterogeneous samples.
  • The entire pipette can be disinfected by autoclaving it at 121 ° C (252 ° F) for a minimum of 20 minutes. No additional requirement needed for autoclaving. If needed, steam sterilization bags can be used. For a minimum of 2 hours, the pipette has to be left to cool down to room temperature after being autoclaved. Before pipetting, ensure that the pipette is completely dry. It is recommended to inspect the calibration after every sterilization cycle to obtain the best accuracy.

Why should you buy the ThermoScientific Finnpipette F2 Pipettes?

For years, Finnpipette pipetting systems have supplied unmatched performance and ergonomics throughout many labs as well as applications globally. One family member of pipettes is all you need to meet any application challenge pleasantly. Fulfill the demands of everyday pipetting with Thermo Scientific pipette and tip systems. With pipetting systems that incorporate years of innovation and experience, you can improve the accuracy and precision for consistent and reproducible results. Buying pipettes from ThermoScientific comes with the added advantage of worldwide service and support, along with delivering application knowledge and solutions to meet your specific needs in the laboratory.


About ThermoScientific Finnpipette F2 Pipettes Manufacturer:

Thermo Fisher Scientific is leading globally in serving scientific research, with profits of greater than $24 billion and also about 70,000 workers internationally, with the mission to allow the customers to make the world healthier, cleaner, and more secure. They assist their clients in speeding up life sciences research, resolve complex analytical challenges, enhance clinical diagnostics, supply medicines to the market, and increase the overall laboratory performance. With their premier brands-- Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific as well as Unity Lab Services-- they provide an unmatched mix of innovative innovations, buying convenience, and also comprehensive solutions which make the ThermoScientific Mini Gel Electrophoresis Systems the best option.

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The user manual of ThermoScientific Finnpipette F2 Pipettes can be downloaded from here.

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