Thermo Scientific Tube Revolver Rotator Catalog No: 88881002

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ThermoScientific Tube Revolver Rotator

The ThermoScientific Tube Revolver Rotator Catalog No: 88881002 can be used in various fields of laboratory research such as Molecular biology, Clinical biology, and also Histochemistry. The rotisseries are compatible to ensure that the device deals with a selection of tube sizes. There are four rotisserie paddles, which can be used for many tubes at once by combining them. Each paddle instructions can be independently modified form 0-90 degrees.

ThermoScientific Tube Revolver Rotator has

  • Rotisserie Paddles for 10ml/15ml Tubes (Qty 2)
  • Rotisserie Paddles for 5ml/7ml Tubes (Qty 2)
  • Rotisserie Paddles for 1.5 ml/2ml Tubes (Qty 2)
  • Rotisserie Paddles for 0.5 ml/0.8 ml Tubes (Qty 2)
  • Rotisserie Paddles for 50ml Tubes.

ThermoScientific Tube Revolver Rotator Overview:

  • Compatible rotisseries fit different tube sizes for optimum flexibility. Each one of the paddles can be adjusted from 0-90 degrees.
  • Accomplish more when combined with an "oscillating" setting. Oscillation will undoubtedly take place at every 40 levels in the turning cycle.
  • Compact space occupied.
  • Maintenance-free motor, quiet procedure.
  • The ThermoScientific Tube Revolver Rotator product has a two year warranty period.

ThermoScientific Tube Revolver Rotator Specifications:

Product Size Each
Speed Range 10 to 40rpm
Temperature Range (Metric) 4° to 60°C (Operating)
Height (English) Exterior 7.7 in.
Length (English) Exterior 6 in.
Width (English) Exterior 8.9 in.
Height (Metric) Exterior 195mm
Length (Metric) Exterior 154mm
Width (Metric) Exterior 225mm
Voltage AC100V to 240V
Shipping Weight (English) 2.65 lb.
Shipping Weight (Metric) 1.2kg
Hertz 50/60Hz
Wattage 6W
The capacity of ThermoScientific Tube Revolver Rotator Combination of 4 paddles of: 7 x 10/15ml tubes 7 x 5/7ml tubes 15 x 1.5ml/2ml tubes 21 x 0.5/0.8ml tubes One paddle of 6 x 50ml tubes
Certifications/Compliance CE, cCSAus
Includes Two 10/15mL paddles (88881005) Two 5mL/7mL paddles (88881006) Two 1.5mL/2mL paddles (88881007) One 50mL paddle (88881009) Paddles can also be purchased as accessories in quantities listed above
Plug Type Cord set w/various plugs
Warranty and Service Offering Two years
Electrical Requirements AC100V to 240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H) Exterior 6 x 8.9 x 7.7 in. (154 x 225 x 195mm)
Speed 10 to 40rpm
Type Rotators


The ThermoScientific Tube Revolver Rotator can be made use of in ambient temperatures from +4 ° C to 55 ° C, making it suitable for a variety of lab setups such as Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Clinical and also Histochemistry. Small enough to fit on a congested bench, the rotator is conveniently moved where it is required - the bench, cold room, incubator, or biological hood. With a simple overall body design and unique rotisserie design, it is easy to maintain and decontaminate after use.

How to use the ThermoScientific Tube Revolver Rotator:

  • Prior to starting the setup, carefully check out the rotator. Open up the package and carefully remove the cushioning. Examine to see that the rotator is in perfect condition without any damage due to transportation. Maintain the packing product until you
    are sure the Tube Revolver Rotator is working correctly.
  • Check if all of the accessories are inside the package
  • Meticulously raise the system from the package.
  • Check if the following information is included on the serial number found on
    the bottom of the unit: Identification number, Item number, Electrical ranking.
  • Inspect that the power cable of the ThermoScientific Tube Revolver Rotator has the appropriate configuration that matches the electrical outlet according to your neighborhood criteria.
  • If any damage happened during transportation, call your carrier immediately.


  • Place the Tube Revolver Rotator on a level and secure benchtop. Link the plug into the electrical outlet.
  • Stay clear of lines where line rises may take place, i.e., fridges and comparable gadgets.
  • Utilize the on/off button to control the Tube Revolver Rotator.
  • Be careful while plugging into a grounded outlet!


  • There are four rotisserie paddles in ThermoScientific Tube Revolver Rotator. They are interchangeable on the axles, so it can be mixed and matched and process various tube sizes at one time.
  • When removing as well as setting up the rotisserie layers from the axle, always get rid of the axle from the devices first. Or else damage may strike the axle or the unit.
  • Be sure to distribute the tubes equally throughout the entire rotisserie carrier for smooth
    revolving movement.


  •  No routine maintenance or lubrication is needed.
  • Keeping the ThermoScientific Tube Revolver Rotator wheel clean will help to maintain it in an appropriate operating condition.
  • Cleaning the outside body can be done with a soft, wet towel when needed.
  • DO NOT use any type of aggressive or unpleasant cleaners (acetone, nitro, gloss, etc.).
    This may completely harm the wheel coating. Before cleaning the rotator, always disconnect the power cord.


  • DO NOT use the ThermoScientific Tube Revolver Rotator anywhere near water sources. Be sure that water does not get on the device, especially during cleaning procedures.
  • DO NOT expose it to any aggressive solvents.
  • Hazardous samples should be mixed only inappropriate containment
  • DO NOT mix flammable or explosive samples!

About ThermoScientific Tube Revolver Rotator Manufacturer:

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the leading globally in offering scientific research, with revenues of greater than $24 billion and roughly 70,000 employees worldwide. Thermo Fisher Scientific's mission is to make its customers to make the globe healthier, cleaner, and more secure. Thermo Fisher Scientific assists its customers to accelerate life sciences study, address complex analytical obstacles, enhance diagnostics of patients, provide medicines to market, and also boost lab performance. Via our premier brand names-- Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific, as well as Unity Laboratory Solutions-- we provide an unmatched mix of cutting-edge innovations, purchasing benefits, and also comprehensive services. Thermo Scientific instruments, devices, software, services as well as consumables encourage researchers to fix for complex analytical challenges in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, government, ecological and commercial study, as well as the clinical laboratory.

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