Wensar- Precision Balance PGB 220

by Wensar
Rs. 32,000.00

Wensar Precision Balance PGB220 is an efficient and reliable electronic weighing balance recommended for jobs requiring high resolution and accurate results. This weighing machine comes with a rechargeable battery, which keeps it ready for use anytime.

Make: Wensar

Model: PGB 220

Wensar Precision Balance PGB220: Salient features 

  • Auto Calibration with External Weight
  • Indication for low battery
  • Multi-function weighing units
  • Auto Zero tracking.
  • Overload Protection Design
  • S.S. Weighing Pan
  • Level indicator
  • Adjustable Fit High Resolution
  • Quick Weighing
  • Accurate Result
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery for continues use

Specifications of Wensar Precision Balance PGB220

Model PGB 220
Capacity 200 g
Readability 0.001 g (1 mg)
Repeatability ( ± ) 0.001 g
Linearity ( ±) 0.002 g
Pan Size ( mm ) 90 mm
Response Time 3 - 4 Sec
Calibration of Wensar Precision Balance PGB220 Automatic External
Display LCD with backlight
Tare Range Full
Operating Temperature 10°C to 40°
Power Supply AC 220V / 50-60 HZ
Dimension (LxWxH)mm 360 x 260 x 355
Weight 3.5 kg


Wensar Precision Balance PGB220: Capacity and Size

This Wensar precision weighing balance weighs a maximum of 200 grams. The outer body of the Wensar weighing scale is designed with rust-resistant steel as well as painted in pristine white tone, giving the appearance of an elegant look which matches with all kinds of laboratories and shops. This weighing balance is designed with compact in size and guarantees to be durable, giving a long service life. The dimension of this Wensar weighing scale is 405 x 415 x 295 (W x D x H), and weight is about 5.7 kg.

This Wensar Precision weighing balance can detect weight as low as 0.001 mg up to 0.2kg, allowing you to detect even minute weight changes.

This Wensar weighing scale guarantees longer service life with two years warranty from Wensar.

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Wensar Precision Balance PGB220. What are Precision balances?

Precision balances are required to measure the weight of samples to an exact number generally precise up to one mg. They are also called Top loading balances. Precision balances of different capacities are available in the market ranging from hundred grams to one Kilogram, whereas the capacity of analytical balance range from 54-520 gm. Precision balances are not as precise as analytical balances but have more capacity compared to them.

They are used for industrial, medical, and pharmaceutical purposes, where they are used to weigh large-sized samples. They are also used in the jewelry industry for weighing valuable stones, gems, and gold.

Precision balances compared to analytical balances generate consistent readings even in a broad range of environmental conditions, whereas analytical balances require strict conditions for an accurate reading. Precision balances are less sensitive to temperature alterations and air currents. A draft shield is not always necessary for accurate readings, but using one is always recommended.

Adjustment, routine tests, and calibration of precision balances. When and why?

Calibration of a precision balance should always be done by an authorized technician. One should not get confused between adjustment and calibration. Calibration compares the generated reading with the actual weight, while the adjustment is the set of operations done to the instrument so that it gives an accurate reading. An adjustment must be followed by calibration always. In between the calibrations, routine tests should be done by the user using external weights so that any issues and variations in the reading can be detected as early as possible.

About Wensar

Wensar is one of the leading exporters, importers as well as manufacturers of Electronic Weighing Balances in the world. All types of electronic weighing balances like Wensar Precision Balance PGB220 were initially brought to the market in the name of the WENSAR brand, and that developed the brand image among the customers and dealers. Later they also entered the field of scientific instruments and industrial weighing systems with superior quality and innovative technology.

E.M.F.C. (Electro-Magnetic Force Compensation) based on the latest technology, is applied to all analytical and precision balances, which makes them good in performance, stable, and very well known in the market. The sales & services network is present throughout India at major cities like Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, & Jaipur.

They provide the best services to achieve the full satisfaction of customers. Wensar keeps on customizing the products to make them more user-friendly.

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