Anti-RSPO3 antibody

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General Information

Product name Anti-RSPO3 antibody
Short Description
Description Goat polyclonal to RSPO3.
Applications WB,ELISA
Dilution range
Protein Name Anti-RSPO3 antibody
Storage Instruction Store at -20°C, and avoid repeat freeze-thaw cycles.
Type of Usage For Research Use Only (RUO).

Product Properties

Host Goat
Clonality Polyclonal
Conjugation Unconjugated
Purification Anti-RSPO3 antibody was purified from goat serum by ammonium sulphate precipitation followed by antigen affinity chromatography using the immunizing peptide.
Isotype IgG
Formulation 0.5 mg/ml in Tris saline, with 0.5% bovine serum albumin and 0.02% sodium azide, pH7.3 .


Gene ID
Gene Symbol RSPO3
Molecular Weight
Database Links
Alternative Names R-spondin-3 antibody
Protein with TSP type-1 repeat antibody
hPWTSR antibody
Roof plate-specific spondin-3 antibody
hRspo3 antibody
Thrombospondin type-1 domain-containing protein 2 antibody
PWTSR antibody
THSD2 antibody
Function Activator of the canonical Wnt signaling pathway by acting as a ligand for LGR4-6 receptors, which acts as a key regulator of angiogenesis. Upon binding to LGR4-6 (LGR4, LGR5 or LGR6), LGR4-6 associate with phosphorylated LRP6 and frizzled receptors that are activated by extracellular Wnt receptors, triggering the canonical Wnt signaling pathway to increase expression of target genes. Also regulates the canonical Wnt/beta-catenin-dependent pathway and non-canonical Wnt signaling by acting as an inhibitor of ZNRF3, an important regulator of the Wnt signaling pathway. Acts as a ligand for frizzled FZD8 and LRP6. May negatively regulate the TGF-beta pathway . Acts as a key regulator of angiogenesis by controlling vascular stability and pruning: acts by activating the non-canonical Wnt signaling pathway in endothelial cells .
Cellular Localization Secreted
Tissue Specificity Ubiquitously expressed. Expressed at higher level in placenta, small intestine, fetal thymus and lymph node . Highly expressed in endothelial cells .
Swiss-Prot Key Q9BXY4


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