Beakers with Handle, PP & TPX

by Abdos
Rs. 205.00
SKU P50802

Make: Abdos

Code: P50802

Description: Manufactured in states of the art moulding facility using high purity virgin polypropylene (PP) and polymethylpentene (TPX). PP Material confirming to US FDA 21 CFR. TPX Material has a distinct advantage of highly transparent & chemical resistivity, also have higher thermal withstand capacity over PP beakers. Tapered stacking style saves space and makes it easy to handle. All sizes have easy to read silkscreened graduations. Precise pouring spouts.

Ordering Information:

Code Capacity (ml) Height (mm) No. per Case
P50802 100 73 6
P50803 250 94 6
P50804 500 128 6
P50805 1000 150 4
P50806 2000 192 4
P50807 5000 263 2
P50808 10000 330 1


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