CHAI Sahara Hot Start PCR Master Mix

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Optimized for quantitative Real-Time PCR applications Aptamer-based hot start technology prevents non-specific amplification at lower temperatures Robust mix for a variety of template types and product lengths


Chai’s 2X PCR Master Mix with Hot Start is an optimized ready-to-use solution for demanding applications. The mix is optimized for Real-Time PCR, is capable of 100% PCR efficiency, and is compatible with all standard probe and dye-based chemistries. The mix combines numerous PCR enhancers and stabilizers with a novel aptamer-based hot start mechanism, resulting in exceptional qPCR performance. This mix is validated for products between 100 bp and 5 kb.


Concentration 2X
Shipping Conditions Ice
Storage Temperature -20 °C
Exonuclease Activity 5' → 3'
Hot Start Yes
Recommended Reaction Size 10 – 50 µL



Component Amount
Taq polymerase 50 U/mL
Aptamer 20 nM
KCl 100 mM
MgCl2 6 mM
TrisCl pH 8.6 20 mM
Glycerol 10%
Trehalose 200 mM
BSA 0.4 mg/mL
Detergents 0.26%
dNTPs (each) 600 µM



Amplification of HPRT Gene Target Using Chai PCR Master Mix + Hot Start 2X

HPRT Standard Curve Amplified with Chai PCR Master Mix + Hot Start 2X

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