HIF1 bata Polyclonal Antibody

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Synonyms arnT,ARNT protein,ARNT,Aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator,bHLHe2,Class E basic helix-loop-helix protein 2,Dioxin receptor,Dioxin receptor nuclear translocator,Drnt,HIF 1 beta,HIF 1beta,HIF-1-beta,HIF1-beta,HIF1B,HIF1beta,Hypoxia Inducible Factor 1,Hypoxia inducible factor 1 beta,Hypoxia-inducible factor 1-beta,nuclear translocator,Tango
Swissprot P27540
Source Rabbit
Reactivity Human,Mouse,Rat
Immunogen Recombinant Protein
Application WB,IHC-p
Recommended dilution WB 1:1000-2000, IHC 1:200-500
Concentration 1mg/mL
Clonality Polyclonal


Cellular localization  
Tissue specificity  
Isotype IgG
Purification Affinity purification
Conjugation Unconjugated
Storage instructions Store at -20℃. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.
Storage buffer PBS with 0.02% sodium azide and 50% glycerol pH 7.4.
Background Hypoxia-inducible factor 1 (HIF1) is a heterodimeric transcription factor that plays a critical role in the cellular response to hypoxia (1). The HIF1 complex consists of two subunits, HIF-1α and HIF-1β, which are basic helix-loop-helix proteins of the PAS (Per, ARNT, Sim) family (2). HIF1 regulates the transcription of a broad range of genes that facilitate responses to the hypoxic environment, including genes regulating angiogenesis, erythropoiesis, cell cycle, metabolism and apoptosis. In addition, HIF-1α can be induced in an oxygen-independent manner by various cytokines through the PI3K-AKT-mTOR pathway (5-7).HIF-1β is also known as AhR nuclear translocator (ARNT) due to its ability to partner with the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) to form a heterodimeric transcription factor complex (8). Together with AhR, HIF-1β plays an important role in xenobiotics metabolism (8). In addition, a chromosomal translocation leading to a TEL-ARNT fusion protein is associated with acute myeloblastic leukemia (9). Studies also found that ARNT/HIF-1β expression levels decrease significantly in pancreatic islets from patients with type 2 diabetes, suggesting that HIF-1β plays an important role in pancreatic β-cell function (10).


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