HiPurA™ Blood Genomic DNA Miniprep Purification Kit

Rs. 3,147.00
SKU MB504-20PR

Make: Hi-Media

Catalog Number: MB504

• HiPurA™ Blood Genomic DNA Mini Purification Kits provide silica-membrane-based DNA purification from fresh, old (more than 24 hours) and frozen blood.
• The protocol involves blood cell lysis, which is achieved by incubation of whole blood in a solution containing chaotropic ions in the presence of Proteinase K at 55°C.
• The lysate is prepared for initial binding of DNA to the spin column, and impurities like proteins, polysaccharides, low molecular weight metabolites, and salts are removed by short washing steps.
• HiMedia’s spin column format allows rapid processing of the multiple numbers of samples in various volumes. The columns have a high binding capacity and high-quality DNA is obtained which is suitable for downstream processes.

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