LAMTOR1 Polyclonal Antibody

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Synonyms C11orf59,LAMTOR1,Late endosomal/lysosomal adaptor and MAPK and MTOR activator 1,Lipid raft adaptor protein p18,LTOR1,p18,p27Kip1-releasing factor from RhoA,p27RF-Rho,PDRO,PP7157,Protein associated with DRMs and endosomes,Ragulator complex protein LAMTOR1,ragulator complex protein PDRO,Ragulator1,RhoA activator C11orf59
Swissprot Q6IAA8
Source Rabbit
Reactivity Human,Mouse
Immunogen Recombinant protein of human LAMTOR1
Application WB
Recommended dilution WB 1:500 - 1:1000
Concentration 1mg/ml
Clonality Polyclonal


Cellular localization  
Tissue specificity  
Isotype IgG
Purification Affinity purification
Conjugation Unconjugated
Storage instructions Store at -20℃. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.
Storage buffer Buffer: PBS with 0.02% sodium azide, 50% glycerol, pH7.3.


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