Magnetic Stirrer by Neuation

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What is a Magnetic Stirrer?

A magnetic stirrer as the name recommends is a stirrer which makes use a magnet. The fundamental idea of the Magnetic Stirrer is quite straightforward, in the feeling that it is implied for the process of stirring. Although it is possible to mix manually, it is not always viable to do so, thinking about that many processes. Especially those mixtures used in a chemical research laboratory are required to be stirred for a prolonged quantity of time. Besides, home brewers make use of Magnetic stirrers as well as it is used for study as well as medication as well. A magnetic stirrer can mix liquid fast, ignored, and without even opening up the container.

Model No. of this Magnetic Stirrer: iStir UNO - 1500 RPM

To know more about how to use a magnetic stirrer, please watch this video

Working of the Magnetic Stirrer:

The magnetic stirrer consists of 2 magnets. Among them is the magnetic mix bar as currently defined. There is an additional magnet used on the surface to produce an electromagnetic field with the magnetic stir bar that is immersed in the liquid. These magnets are established as though the magnet inside the container is made to rotate with the outside magnet due to the magnetic field that is produced. The exterior magnet is generally associated with the mix plate beneath the container.

Why chose Magnetic Stirrer by Neuation?

Neuation is blazing a trail in the development of several lab devices and tools. They are experts in creating new and also ingenious items to match the needs of individuals making use of such devices like the centrifuge, the magnetic stirrer, and many more. These devices are typically used in a laboratory as well as for instructional objectives. The advantage of selecting the Neuation devices for your laboratory requirements is that their methods are functionally reliable. They develop numerous laboratory tools. They also have a research and development division. Their devices are incredibly efficient, quick, up to date with the technical modifications as well as secure to use.

The features of Magnet used in The Magnetic Stirrer by Neuation:

The maximum torque for a magnetic mix bar is the most appropriate action of strength for the magnet. The better the torque, the higher the stirring capability. Nonetheless, numerous other variables influence the toughness of the magnet. These elements are listed here:

  1. The size, as well as the strength of a stir bar magnet, is a vital element.
  2. The larger the magnet the stronger it will certainly be.
  3. The strength also depends upon the setup of the magnets beneath the container. This can be 2 magnets at the end of the stir bar or just as a single long magnet.
  4. The distance in between both magnets; the one below the container as well as the one inside also plays an essential role

Features of Magnetic Stirrer by Neuation:

  1. Motorless magnetic stirrer with an extremely slim profile.
  2. The magnetic stirrer by neuation comes with a totally maintenance-free part.
  3. The aspect ration in this magnetic stirrer is drastically reduced to 13.4 mm.
  4. The Magnetic Stirrer by Neuation comes with adjustable speed from 15 to 1200 RPM in steps of 50 RPM.
  5. Timer range features a 1- 99 mins and infinite mode as well in this magnetic stirrer.
  6. The Magnetic Stirrer by Neuation features an IP 65 Certified layout. This guarantees a water spill activity.
  7. Another feature of this product by neuation is that it includes 4 high stamina magnetic stirrers bars (8 x 25 mm).

Some more features of this Magnetic Stirrer by neuation includes:

Microprocessor controlled with last run memory feature

Pulse mode - Reverses the direction at every 30 secs for thorough mixing
This Magnetic Stirrer comes with Digital display with soft-touch keypad. 
Corrosion resistant SS top surface for better chemical resistance is a special
feature of this Magnetic Stirrer by Neuation


Specifications: i Stir Quattro
Speed Setting 15 to 1200 RPM (at every 50 RPM)
Digital Display Yes
Load Capacity 4 x 400 ml
Recommended Stir bar length 25 mm
Pulse Function Yes
Timer 1 to 99 mins and continuous
Last run memory Yes
Dimension (W X D X H) 457 x 126 x 13.4 mm
Weight 1.9 kg
Protection Class IP 65 compliant design (Water spill-resistant)


To know more about the Magnetic Stirrer by Neuation please download the Brochure. 

To know more on how to use the Magnetic Stirrer please go through the user manual.

About Neuation:

All products revealed on this website are developed & made by Neuation at its facilities in India. The products are of worldwide standards and also abide by internationally approved CE standards. Neuation products are designed and also developed by its very own R & D group employing a User-Centric Style Process to establish the range of next-generation bench-top lab equipment. The products are developed with close attention to describing, user interface, and high quality. Features are carefully layered into the style to allow users to meet requiring work requirements needs quickly.

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