MRPL40 Polyclonal Antibody

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Synonyms 39S ribosomal protein L40,39S ribosomal protein L40 mitochondrial,39S ribosomal protein L40,mitochondrial precursor,FLJ41774,L40mt,MGC9400,mitochondrial,Mitochondrial ribosomal protein L40,MRP 40,MRP L22,MRP-L40,MRP40,MRPL22,MRPL40,NLVCF,Nuclear localization signal containing protein deleted in velocardiofacial syndrome,Nuclear localization signal deleted in velocardiofacial syndrome,Nuclear localization signal-containing protein deleted in velocardiofacial syndrome,RM40,Up-regulated in metastasis,URIM
Swissprot Q9NQ50
Source Rabbit
Reactivity Human
Immunogen Synthesized peptide derived from the Internal region of human MRP-L40
Application WB,IHC-p,ELISA
Recommended dilution WB 1:500-1:2000, IHC 1:100-1:300, ELISA 1:40000
Concentration 1mg/mL
Clonality Polyclonal


Cellular localization  
Tissue specificity  
Isotype IgG
Purification Affinity purification
Conjugation Unconjugated
Storage instructions Store at -20℃. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.
Storage buffer PBS with 0.02% sodium azide,0.5% BSA and 50% glycerol pH 7.4.
Background Mammalian mitochondrial ribosomal proteins are encoded by nuclear genes and help in protein synthesis within the mitochondrion. Mitochondrial ribosomes (mitoribosomes) consist of a small 28S subunit and a large 39S subunit. They have an estimated 75% protein to rRNA composition compared to prokaryotic ribosomes, where this ratio is reversed. Another difference between mammalian mitoribosomes and prokaryotic ribosomes is that the latter contain a 5S rRNA. Among different species, the proteins comprising the mitoribosome differ greatly in sequence, and sometimes in biochemical properties, which prevents easy recognition by sequence homology. This gene encodes a 39S subunit protein. Deletions in this gene may contribute to the etiology of velo-cardio-facial syndrome and DiGeorge syndrome.MRPL40 (Mitochondrial Ribosomal Protein L40) is a Protein Coding gene. Diseases associated with MRPL40 include Mrpl40-Related Disorder and Velocardiofacial Syndrome. Among its related pathways are Mitochondrial translation and Organelle biogenesis and maintenance. GO annotations related to this gene include poly(A) RNA binding.


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