Neuation iSwix VT Vortex Mixer

Rs. 14,500.00
SKU VM 2110

Make: Neuation

Catalog No: VM 2110 EU/US/UK/AU


Developed after years of R & D, Neuation's best-in-class iSwix VT vortex Mixer provides the best performance due to its top-of-the-line internal components such as long-lasting maintenance-free BLDC motor. With class-leading features like inbuilt counterbalance and a 3-way switch, the device makes working even easier.

Detailed Feature:

a) Variable speed selection - delivers up to 4200 RPM

b) Timer Setting from 0 to 999 minutes

c) Brushless DC motor

d) The orbital diameter of 4 mm

e) Visual indication marker for max speed with attachment

f) IP 21 class protection - suitable for use in hoods

g) 3-way switch (On / Off / Touch) h) Inbuilt Counterbalance for stable and safe operation

i) Digital Display Programmable Pulse Mode function

Attachments Ordering Information: 

Catalog Number  Description
VM 2110 iSwix VT Vortex
VM-A1 Universal attachment
VM-A2 Foam attachment for 20 tubes
VM-A3 Foam attachment for 96 well plate
VM-A4 Rubber attachment for 250 ml flask
VM-A6 Round disk attachment



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