Recombinant C-Raf Proto Oncogene Serine/Threonine Protein Kinase (CRAF) - Human

Rs. 24,700.00

Catalog no: RS01P4058

Organism: Human

Expression System: Prokaryotic expression

Product No. RPC232Hu01

Source: Prokaryotic expression

Host: E.coli

Purity: > 95%

Predicted Molecular Mass: 35.6kDa

Applications: SDS-PAGE; WB; ELISA; IP.

Endotoxin Level: <1.0EU per 1µg (determined by the LAL method)

Residues: Trp342~Ser619 with two N-terminal Tags, His-tag and T7-tag

Formulation: Supplied as lyophilized form in 20mM Tris, 150mM NaCl, pH8.0, containing 1mM EDTA, 1mM DTT, 0.01% sarcosyl, 5% trehalose, and preservative

Usage: Reconstitute in sterile PBS, pH7.2-pH7.4.

Storage and stability:

  • Storage: Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles. Store at 2-8oC for one month. Aliquot and store at -80oC for 12 months.
  • Stability Test: The thermal stability is described by the loss rate of the target protein. The loss rate was determined by accelerated thermal degradation test, that is, incubate the protein at 37oC for 48h, and no obvious degradation and precipitation were observed. (Referring from China Biological Products Standard, which was calculated by the Arrhenius equation.) The loss of this protein is less than 5% within the expiration date under appropriate storage condition.

About the Marker (complimentary):

  • Effective Size Range: 10kDa to 70kDa.
  • Protein bands: 10kDa, 14kDa, 18kDa, 22kDa, 26kDa, 33kDa, 44kDa and 70kDa.
  • Double intensity bands: The 26kDa, 18kDa, 10kDa bands are at double intensity to make location and size approximation of proteins of interest quick and easy.
  • Ready-to-use: No need to heat, dilute or add reducing agents before use.

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