STRADB Polyclonal Antibody

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Synonyms ALS2 chromosome region gene 2,ALS2CR2,Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 2 (juvenile) chromosome region candidate 2,Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 2 chromosomal region candidate gene 2 protein,CALS 21,CALS-21,ILP interacting protein ILPIPA,ILP-interacting protein,ILPIP,ILPIPA,Likely ortholog of mouse polyploidy associated protein kinase,PAPK,PRO1038,Pseudokinase ALS2CR2,STE20-related kinase adapter protein beta,STRAB,STRAD beta,STRADB
Swissprot Q9C0K7
Source Rabbit
Reactivity Human,Mouse
Immunogen Recombinant protein of human STRADB
Application WB,IHC,ELISA
Recommended dilution WB 1:200-1:1000, IHC 1:15-1:50
Concentration 0.1mg/mL
Clonality Polyclonal


Cellular localization  
Tissue specificity  
Isotype IgG
Purification Affinity purification
Conjugation Unconjugated
Storage instructions Store at -20℃. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.
Storage buffer PBS with 0.05% sodium azide, 50% glycerol, PH7.3
Background This gene encodes a protein that belongs to the serine/threonine protein kinase STE20 subfamily. One of the active site residues in the protein kinase domain of this protein is altered, and it is thus a pseudokinase. This protein is a component of a complex involved in the activation of serine/threonine kinase 11, a master kinase that regulates cell polarity and energy-generating metabolism. This complex regulates the relocation of this kinase from the nucleus to the cytoplasm, and it is essential for G1 cell cycle arrest mediated by this kinase. The protein encoded by this gene can also interact with the X chromosome-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein, and this interaction enhances the anti-apoptotic activity of this protein via the JNK1 signal transduction pathway. Two pseudogenes, located on chromosomes 1 and 7, have been found for this gene. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene.


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